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Meez is the only online virtual playground for teens to create social and multimedia activities to share with friends.



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    My name is Alison Jordan and I have a number of charges on my credit card totalling a large sum of money even though I did not want the information retained. I did not click the box for my credit card information to be retained.

    I have been trying to find an email address to contact you. I did find one but a message cam back stating that it was not a valid email address.

  2. so, I bought VIP yesterday and nextthing you know it’s saying that I’m disconnected and I’m like wtf.. so I go on my brother meez and it shows that someone has changed my outfit and everything.. so I waster $10 of my Christmas money on it ugh.. I really just want it back.. but I don’t even know the email.. so I really want to change that.. please.. thank you

  3. Help when I was younger I gave my friend my password Stupidly and she got angry at me #dramaaboutboys and now my account is banned and I haven’t been on in 2 weeks so I asked the next time I saw her and she admitted it how do I unban this.

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