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How To Contact Metamucil Customer Service Contact Information

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-983-4237


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  1. Help! I dumped old Metamucil down my kitchen drain…it has clogged my drain. Have tried every thing …baking soda & vinegar, drank, snake! Plunging…still clogged…any suggestions?

  2. Since, Metamucil is dose related, depending on ones goal. You are free to use

    “Different scoops for different poops”. No need to thank me, just smile.??

  3. please why not make metamucil without aspartame? aspartame is not natural, it’s a man made substance and it kills slowly. please start making metamucil without any sweteners

  4. How long does it take Meta Mucil to lower cholestereol? I am taking it because I do not want to take a prescription drug.. I want to do it naturally. Cannot find the answer online.

    If you could direct me to this, I’ll find it!

    Thanks much for your help. Vanessa Luce

  5. My husband take Metamucil twice a day. We were in Walmart and saw a display of boxes with single dose e servings.We travel and they were perfect for his Dop kit. Can I order direct from you in a reasonable quantity, or can you tell us where to find them if they are in the N Dallas, Garland’ Richardson or Plano, Texas. I will call

    on Monday if I don’t get an answer. You can e-mail me at, Jo

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