Metlife Dental Customer Service


How To Contact Metlife Dental Customer Service

MetLife offers a range of affordable dental insurance benefit plans for companies of all sizes. 1-800-275-4638


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  1. I want to know about metflife health and dental insurance and how many it will cost on a monthly bass. I need your number to call. here is my number

  2. There is anxiety, when a special problem occurs, such as getting root decay under MULTIPLE crowns and an implant SERIES is needed. M. L. would prefer another crown be placed due to their cost controls, But the roots can be so weak to support that crown. PLUS there is a dollar limit and time restriction for repeating a crown insertion. Now I’ve spent my life savings on full prosthetic implants without pre-approval from M.L. in Costa Rica. After getting the automated run around for 20 minutes and no human, I will try again tomorrow. In a foreign country, the work can be skillful however a place like CR doesn’t believe in post-surgery pain relief and you are awake with just locals for oral surgery. It was not for the faint of heart! and cannot be done in a single trip.

  3. I don’t believe you. MetLife has the worst customer service of any company I’ve ever dealt with. And that includes government agencies. In fact, my new dentist, upon learning my insurance was through MetLife, told me the only reason he was accepting me as a new patient was because a friend referred me.

  4. calling thse people is like trying to call the whitehouse to talk to Barack himself.

    I agree, they suck in customer service.

  5. How do you reach someone to talk to at customer service????? It really is unprofessional how you are disconnected constantly. Is this a for real company?

  6. Worst customer service ever. Its impossible to talk to a representative. Get people in India for all I care, I just want answers!

  7. Dear Sir:

    I guess that I am covered by Met life dental insurance, which is good, but I have never received a dental card or proof of insurance card. The account Number that I sent in my payment with, was {Acct# }I hope that this number was sufficient to make sure that my payment was identified and it was properly identifiable?

    P lease give call me a call tomorrow morning 8 Pacific time frame *8*am, since it appears that it is hard to get a hold of you ( A previous message left by another person o a previous message on the internet inquiry.



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