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  1. Your bill for the next 6 months just arrived. Your paper gets thinner and thinner. Your delivery person often “forgets” to leave a paper. Now you want a 24% increase. I don’t think so. Your paper, service, and price suck.

  2. Sunday 8:00 am. No paper. Called and was told by machine to call during office hours. You are supposed to be open at 7. No one to tell I have no paper. This is rediculous. Where is my paper?

  3. Please CANCEL our subscription to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel immediately. The paper just got thinner and thinner. We are going to try the WI State Journal for a year. Let us know you received this note.

  4. I have been on hold for 2 hours when told wait would be 50-60 I just called a second number on my cell phone , and am listening to both on speaker

  5. I can’t get anyone on the phone. The Customer Care recording does not respond to the prompts, I need to change my subscription and have a few questions. How do I speak to someone?

  6. On behalf of myself and my neighbors we received a letter saying that the Journal Sentinel will no longer be serving the area where we live in the Town of Belgium. Your reason is lame and ridiculous by saying it is have difficulty finding a dependable carrier for this area..How can you cut off customers who have been receiving this service for many years I have had home delivery for 0ver 55 years .I look forward every day to be able have the news delivered to my Journal box along with all the advertising and special sales and inserts that come along with it. You offered on line service but that doesn’t include the ads that businesses pay you for .If we purchase over the counter it will cost over 40 dollars a month plus the gas used to get to the nearest location that sells the paper..This is unfair and unacceptable and your obligation is to find a way or add on to an existing carriers route.Don’t just cut us off! We are shocked that you would do this! Do the right thing.

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