MSNBC is political cable tv channel owned by a multi-national corporation, General Electric (GE).

Their hosts include Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and formerly Keith Olbermann. Olbermann was suspended, in disgrace.


By Eric Strand

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I was just listening to Nicole Wallce’s Show. I usually like it. I have a problem with her show and any others bashing Armarosa. I am not a fan of hers, but I think she is just as credible as any others who have written about Trump in the White House. It’s as if her book is the joke of the season. It is no more a joke than the others written. I take offense to those who want to bagger her and talk about her as if she is a big liar. When she write about Trump eating paper, why does that sound like a lie versus what? You laugh at her book and praise some others. Not fair. Again, I am not a fan of hers nor of the President. I would hate to think you find her unbelievable because of the color of her skin.

At the onset of the Border Crossing Disaster (with the taking away of the children and losing track of hundreds or thousands) there was a news clip of Trump stating that this would PAY FOR HIS WALL!

At the time I thought that it was an odd thing to

say. Maybe they had to pay to get in or were being fined. It didn’t make any sense.

Now I’m wondering if in advance he may have lined up some “Adoption Agencies” to charge hundreds or

thousands for adoptions to families that may not

have qualified or been successful any other way.

I’m afraid we are going to lose children!

I’m quite sure the statement was made on one of your great news shows. They are all great! I really look forward to Rachel Maddow!!

You people at this garbage rag you call world news, really need to seek psychiatric help.I am British and never thought I would ever hear such disgusting coverage of a President regardless of country.Berating him, his little boy and wife,I wonder how many of the idiots on morning jo program,” I refuse to call it news,”speak 6 languages?I wonder if any of you were taught manners as children.


The recent admin decision to discourage legitimate asylum seekers by separating under age children from thrir parents is clearly unconcionable.

Some of your hosts have been reporting correctly about this situation. My concern is that several other programs on your network are saying, or allowing guests to say, that this is a necessary and longstanding procedure for dealing with illegal aliens. I would hope MSNBC would make this a clear distinction consistently. Otherwise you are complicit in the administration’s propaganda machine.

MSNBC; you loose credibility when a PROVEN bigot still works for you and has her own show and special features.

Of course I’m speaking of JOY REID

She’s clearly what she has repeatedly shown herself to be. It’s apparent for all to see & read. Publicly apologizing doesn’t make any sense – neither is claiming a bogus hacking to excuse the bigoted opinions.

Enough is enough!

I was just watching Nicole Wallace show which is very

very good. Steve Schmidt is a very honest and smart

Guy she have him on everyday, or consider him

having his own show.

SO WHAT Morning Joe has starbuck coffee cups all over the dong gone place! One would think you’d be more concerned with why MR.

MOTOR MOUTH in our White House has a need to lie to us Americans 24/7 while our scared Republican Congress sit around doing what they do best…Picken their dam noses!

I find it entirely inappropriate for the “Morning Joe” hosts and guests of the show to have numerous

Starbucks Coffee cups on the show’s discussion

table based on the recent news story about the

Starbucks’ Philadelphia store.

So angry because Bryan Williams is taking The Beat’s hour over a shooting. Don’t care to hear about every persons point of view.

If an Admiral in the USA Naval Service isnt quali- fied to head the VA then WHO IS!!?? Esp ONE who is also a Physician!!?? Giv me A BREAK !!?? OF COURSE HE IS!!!???

can you change the caption now running with senate seats listed as 46/2/52.

if u guys dont know then check someone, its 47/2/51

Please do not interrupt your regular programming to Trumps political rallies- he doesn’t need more free press to push his racist propaganda.

Why do you subject us to more than hour of garbage TV by showing Trump’s moronic speech at CPAC and then call it a rambling speech?! We all know that Trump is a stupid clueless moron and MSNBC keeps normalizing him by showing him speak stupid nonstop. Stop this madness and fire those at MSNBC who make these moronic decisions to insult our intelligence. Just stop it.

Why do we the people keep hearing we have short attention spans when your group stops reporting on what we want to know. That is a cop out just like the republicans whom we are also sick of hearing this BS from. We do not have short attention spans we keep searching your the ones that stop reporting on what we’re interested on. Why do you think Hillary really won. Not all Americans are fools.

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