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How to Contact Oprah Magazine Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-846-4020

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  1. please cancel my subscription I did not subscribe. I was applying for a sweepstakes. my mother already is receiving magazine subscription at this same address already

  2. I do not want to renew my subscription to Oprah Magazine when it expires in May of 2019. I have decided that the magazine is so out of touch with reality for the everyday person.

    Perhaps people with Oprah $$$$ can afford what you advertise but the average joe is certainly not able to. Again, please do not renew my subscription when it expires.

  3. I have never ordered Oprah magazine do not really like Oprah so I would have never ordered her magazine. Account # is 1442569115 I would like to know how long this account has been in my name and who has been paying the balance? My bank info was stolen from my home along with additional information.

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