Playtex Bras Customer Service


How To Contact Playtex Bras Customer Service

Playtex Bras have been the women’s standard bra for decades. If you need a bra, Playtex makes the style and fit for any woman. 1-800-537-9955


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  1. I ordered a bra from Kohl’s Playtex bra #4745. I tried it on and it felt snug even though I’d ordered a larger size than usual and put it in my drawer to wear in an upcoming trip.
    I put it on to wear and it felt like the elastic gave like elastic gives on old clothes.
    I have bought over 4 bras of this style, obviously I like it but I’ve never never had one fit odd or feel like the elastic gave way. I wear almost exclusively Playtex bras but this has been my favorite. I still have the box and I feel this bra is defective.
    Thanks for your time.
    Please advise.

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