Find How to Call and Contact Playtex Bras Customer Service Phone Number - 2022

How to Call and Contact Playtex Bras Customer Service


Playtex Bras have been the women’s standard bra for decades. If you need a bra, Playtex makes the style and fit for any woman. 1-800-537-9955

  • Hi just recently bought a front closing playtex bra, it’s the most uncomfortable bra I have ever bought. It constantly rides up my back where having to readjust it constantly.

  • I just bought the same bra I have been buying for years. When I tried to hook it, it was too small. I returned and bought the next size up, and still too small. Has there been some sort of change in sizing? Not happy at all.

  • Yes I have purchased 4 of your platex bras. They smell like rubber. I have tried to get the smell out but nothing works. I am tired of people looking at me strangely including my husband. I would like to get a refund on the bras or even a partial refund. I cannot wear these bras any longer. I love the fit the uplift and the look but the smell is outrageous. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  • I am very DISAPPOINTED…I bought 2 of your bras, spent $70…and one squeaks every time i move after wearing 2 times, and the other after a month, the underscores both of them have come through..

  • I was shocked to learn that you have discontinued Plaxtex bra style 4747. Every review I have ever seen has been stellar. What the heck are you thinking?

    Not only is it the most comfortable bra I have ever worn…I have recommended to others and they also are buying it. Once again I will have to start looking at every other brand with minimal hope of finding one like the 4747. Your other styles do NOT compare. Totally distressed former customer.

  • I have been buying the Playtex Cool and comfort bras for several years. After time I noticed that they start to turn a ugly grey. How can I get the bra to be white again. I have thrown out so many bras became of this.

  • Trying to find Playtex Bra model #5222.

    Is it still being made? If not what has replaced this model?

  • I love your 4707 bra and have been waiting for it to be restocked so I could replace two that need to be retired. For months my size was not available, then it was., so I ordered two. They were on back order. After a month the order was canceled and when I called I was told that my size was not available and it probably would not be. Of all the positive feedback I have read about this bra, why would you not manufacture it any more. Just want to register my protest. Your decision, if that is not producing it anymore, is a bad one.

  • Loved your # 5204 bra. Are you going to bring that style back ? It was the best fitting bra and can’t find anything that fits as well. Is there any style close to it ?

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