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Phone Number: 1-877-794-7977

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  1. Purchased a RCA tablet from HSN on March 3,2018, model rct6503w12h1. Today Z green came up, froze, was unable to do anything with it, then screen went black. Unit fully charged. Called It at Rca and did no troubleshooting, made no attempt to help. Was told to send unit back at my expense. I spoke to supervisor who said can’t help, didn’t want to know nothing. Basically said he couldn’t waste any more time with me, just send it back and pay for shipping. I went to manual online and found reset button hit that and it came back. What untrained, unqualified customer support. I would never buy RCA again!!! This reset took me 3 minutes, their solution would take a month and cost me shipping.

  2. RCA W101-CS tablet. is not supported thru RCA . Good luck getting it to work. Why would I want to return an item a first,second, and possibly a third time to RCA. We just opened it , and never worked. I think that I’ll spend a little more and get a

    Dell / Microsoft tablet.

  3. RCA W101-CS is a sham . Don’t buy it . We could never get it to start. A good price , for a paperweight. Totally worthless

  4. We recently purchased a RCA tablet Model W101-CS thru HSN. Unfortunately we have been unable to use it. The first one never was able to access our Wi-Fi. We returned it to HSN for a replacement, a week later, we received the second one. Now we cannot open anything , it just keeps restarting. RCA customer service wasn’t helpful at all and just asking us to return it for repairs. If you don’t have a good product, why do you promote excellent service?

  5. I did a factory reset on my Viking pro tablet and now Google says I have to enter the account that was on the device before and I don’t know that

  6. My remote control for my favorite stereo just quit working. Is it possible to get a replacement? On the remote is this RCA RS7657, help me please.

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