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How To Contact Telecheck Customer Service

1-888-288-0131 Prompt #1 (User Provided)
TeleCheck provides industry-leading check acceptance, check processing and risk analytics services to thousands of retailers and financial institutions. For nearly 40 years, TeleCheck has safeguarded businesses and financial institutions from check-related losses and fraud. 1-800-710-9898


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  1. 0k.. i JUST TRIED TO CALL Telecheck two times. As a VICTIM of check Forging…from 5 YEARS ago…I am very P.O’d. The call was DROPPED or hung up on twice. I am not calling back again. These people are the WORST. This is the 4th time I’ve tried to get a resolution.

  2. I changed banks because of the bank’s repeated errors. When spring tried to enter my new bans’s numbers, telecheck refused to acknowledge Bank of America. After several tries on their automated answering system, I finally got ahold of a human, who spoke broken English. Seems that my new bank account has no history with telecheck. Wonder how a brand new checking account (check #2) could have history. The person at telecheck acknowledged this but that’s telecheck’s protocol. Does this sound like “Catch 22”? I agree with the other comments, how could any reputable business deal with a wreck like telecheck?

  3. Have not been able to write a check at any retail stores this month that use telecheck…Customer service is a joke at best. Can someone help, the bank says its a telecheck glitch, embarrassing at the least. Can someone help.

  4. checks declined at local stores since 05-01-2018. Nothing the bank can do for me, said it is a telecheck issue. Still no help, said it would take 72 hours to clear. The rep. told me this morning I should hear something in 30 days….Never had an issue with this account in over 38 years. Being declined at 4 stores in one day is kind of embarrassing to say the least, now its the weekend with out being able to write a check. I have talked to have been very rude

  5. Telecheck and Wal-Mart have both botched this from A-Z. Telecheck wanted personal information that they have no business getting and they refused to call the local Police Dept to get the 1st hand information that is in the filed police report… Really??? I’m just getting warmed up concerning Telecheck who (also) refused me sending them requested information via “encrypted” email… again… Really???

  6. In my opinion, Telecheck is a complete joke. Someone stole a check that I then reported to the local police, in the meantime Wal-Mart sent this to Telecheck to collect the money. So Wal-Mart is as guilty and as incompetent in all of this as Telecheck. Telecheck is requesting personal information to close the case and has refused several of my requests that they just call the person at the local Police Dept about the Report I filed with them. Really? Not only that, but Telecheck refused to put me in touch with their Research Dept on this. Really? Not only that, but Telecheck will not receive an encrypted email with much of the information they need, like a copy of the carbon page out of my check book showing the check was written to AT&T, not Wal-Mart. So, I had to drive to UPS and pay ~$6 to fax the file with the information that should help them. Then I couldn’t confirm with Telecheck if the Fax was received. A simple call to the local Police Dept, that I readily supplied to them, is mind blowing to me. If you can’t trust the Police Dept, really?

  7. This company is a joke. They have no idea what they are doing and can not explain what they are even talking about. Tried to write a check in ala and they declined it saying im connected some how to North Carolina. What ???

  8. Tried to pay Sprint bill with checking account was declined because of telecheck. I don’t know why any company uses them as they clearly suck. It would not accept the payment. I called them and they said due to no history that they would have to reset on their side and it would take 7 days!!! 7 whole days!!! this is not good business at all.

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