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Wamsutta® makes bath products that are sold at Bed Bath & Beyond.


7 Days 24-7 Depending on Service

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Tech Support: 1-800-462-3966

Phone: 1-908-688-0888

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7 Responses

  1. Our 500 count Egyptian cotton shredded too. only 2 years old. Very disappointed since they were the first Wamsutta expensive sheets we ever bought.

  2. I purchased 4 wamsutta bathroom rugs about 3inths ago from bed bath and beyond. I washed the rugs teice due to excessive shedding. After washing and air drying the rugs continue to shed. The shedding ends up in my bedroom all over my white carpet. It’s so bad that the shedding has some how made it on two vacations ony clothing. I have to constant vacuum my bedroom to get rid of the shedding tracked in from the rugs. I would like a full refund or new rugs

  3. Several months ago I purchased several bathroom rugs for a LOT of money. I have washed them twice and air dried them and they have turned “nappy” looking. The threads have all rolled into tiny balls and they look awful! I cannot believe a product this expensive tears up in under 5 months and 2 washings. I would like a full refund!

  4. I purchased the 1000 count sheets from BBB. The fitted sheet tore. I returned them and bought a new set, changed how I wash and dry them, today they are shredded!

    I cannot believe that I have had much less expensive sheets that lasted for years and years!

  5. We have bought probably 5-6 sets of Wamsutta king size sheets that range from 120.00-150.00 per set and they almost always get a hole in one of the sheets on the first wash. At first I thought it was our washing machine or dryer but we’ve had three different washer and dryers due to moving since buying these sheets. We haven’t found a sheet that’s as soft and cooling as these sheets but they are not holding up for the price we pay. It may be time to start looking for a better brand.

  6. Purchased a King bedspread, washed it and it shed piles of lint, enough bags of lint to destroy my washer. Put the bedspread right in the garbage purchased at Bed Bath & beyond $90.00 did not save the receipt or would have returned it. Will NEVER buy this brand again.Wamsutta makes and sells inferior products. How do they get away with it?

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