Western Union Customer Service


How to Contact Western Union Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-634-1311

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  1. I’ve tried talking to them about their money in minutes but it takes 2 days. I’m paying the extra fee for quick service but it’s always delayed. I’ve talked to 3 people with some heavy accent and robot response answers but could never answer my question. When asked again I got the very same answer like it’s being read from a piece of paper.

  2. August 8,2018

    I have just had the WORST experience with western union , I will NEVER use this company again and will make sure everyone I talk to will know how terrible this company is , just spent 4-5 hours with countless phone calls to customer service to get a payment refunded , after the agent in the store I went to made a mistake and sent my payment to the wrong company . I needed the payment refunded to the store so we could redo the transaction, I cant even tell you how many phone calls were made with no help from anybody all they could say was you have to wait 24-48 hours for the refund. So the payment went thru Western Union so they could do something about the issue, but instead would rather inconvience the customer who Chose there company for there services, But never again . The worst company customer service ever, I told everybody at the store where I was for over 4 hours with this issue about how terrible is. I hope Weis Markets takes western union out of there stores, I will push the issue as far as I can with who ever I can to get them out of all there stores.

  3. How can you talk to an agent without going through a hundred questions. I recieved a western un message to pick up money, From who , I dont know, The money transfer # i dont know. they gave me a code to use that is all… how do I find out if this is fraud or what thanks Diana

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