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How To Contact Zillow Customer Service

Zillow is a real estate website that provides users with home values, neighborhood information and homes for sale and for rent. 1-866-324-4005


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  1. You have the square footage on my property wrong and it is a full basement. My house is very undervalued on your website. How do I get it corrected. Please contact me as soon as possible. I am listing my property.

  2. You have incorrectly listed information about my home. I have 3 bedrooms up and 2 down. Have a modern kitchen and a fine the O have a formal living room with a stone fireplace. The bath is very modern. THEN there is a s large family room with sliding glass doors. This roo! Has Philippine mahogany panelling,each board individually placed. The cell ing is also individually boards. The garage has a large utility room at the back with a walk in closet. There is also a fireplace in the basement. Who do you think you are to mischaracterize my home? Correct your info.There is only 1bath,my personal choice!!

    This home is very well decorated. Many people love it and would love to buy/own it. Jackie Mieras

  3. Zillow should be taken off the net. They have no idea as to home values. They go by outdated information. We bought a house in 2006 for $75,000 we just put $50,000 into updates. Zillow list the value of our home at $55,000. Our home is on the market and their inaccurate estimate has hurt us in our attempt to sell. This company needs a class action lawsuit brought against them. I wou Tried getting a hold of someone to correct error, given the run around. This company needs a class action lawsuit brought against them.

  4. I have a listing at 1660 266th Street, Harbor City, Ca when I look for homes for sale under Harbor City it will not come up, when I input the address it comes up. Will someoe help me get it so it comes up under Harbor City Search?

  5. I have an old e-mail address with a Zillow.com. I do not use that e-mail anymore. Please let me have another account.

    Here is my old e-mail:

    Please erase that one… Thanks

  6. The value and zestimate on Zillow lowered by 7.9%. $49,000.00 who did this and why? It now only allows me to view as landlord or public? What is going on?

  7. What senseless feature is that???? You clicked on picture and the system is prompting you to take pictures of the property. Whoever innovated that shouldn’t have a job.

  8. I want to inquier about why my assessment for Skyline Cir in Wells ,Me now had a reduced value in the last 30 days,and to why it was reduced $46,000 ,who chose to do this, and why?

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