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12/19/2011 Chase Home Finance - From all the reports that I read above Chase needs
From all the reports that I read above Chase needs to be invested. I can't believe that they can get away with what people are saying about Chase and no one has stepped in to look into the matter. That's why we need lawyers and depending on the county inwhich you live need to write to your County Executive, put an ad in the newspaper use every source you can think of to get the word out about Chase. If, a big bank like Bank America can be brought down so can Chase

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6/28/2011 Chase Home Finance - Who has trouble to make payment because
Who has trouble to make payment because unemployment or medical reasons that caused to late payment. Please check website NACA.com they will help you to do the loan modification without charged. They helped me so they will help you. They come to certain city in California, I don't know other states but check the website and this help you to save lots of money.

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6/6/2011 Chase Home Finance - Recently I have had terrible Customer Service from
Recently I have had terrible Customer Service from Chase. Everytime I call I get a customer service rep. from the Phillipines who cannot give me an answer for any of my questions, then they put me on hold, while they try to find an answer (I assume to call someone at Chase in the States, and I hold, and hold and hold, till I finally hang up.
I requested to speak with a domestic representative and, of course, the call would not go through. They tell you it may not connect to the states.
I still do not have answers to my questions and am considering refinancing at a lower rate with a local lender.

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6/5/2011 Chase Home Finance - Chase will help, but it is up to you (the
Chase will help, but it is up to you (the homeowner) you have to keep on top of them if it takes sending in the same paperwork 4 or 5 times this is what you do. Fight for your home,don't just let them put you out. I am behind and plan on doing everything that i can to stay in my house. Remeber if the person that you talk to on the phone sounds like they don't care or know what they are talking about. Then call back get someone eles, until you find someone that knows what going on. Also make copies of your paper work that way if they lose something or keep asking for the same info, you keep sending that same ole info, that's what i did and my loan modification went through. Good luck.

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5/2/2011 Chase Home Finance - I was forced to have my mortgage through Chase as
I was forced to have my mortgage through Chase as my bank transferred all mortgage to them shortly after my closing. Two months later, when they had effectively mucked up my entire account, I was looking for a way to transfer out of Chase, but no luck.
They have totally messed up my mortgage, escrow/taxes and are incompetent when it comes to good customer service and follow through. I would NEVER, EVER recommend them to someone, or voluntarily choose to do business with them in any way.

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4/2/2011 Chase Home Finance - I have automatice withdrawal for my house
I have automatice withdrawal for my house payments. I am in the middle of refinancing and recently got a letter in the mail saying that I owe two months payment. I went to the bank and it turns out that there was an escrow adjustment of $57 dollars, so they are withholding or suspending one month's payment and holding on to it -- waiting for the next months payment -- taking $57 out of that and then posting the payment as late.

The branch manager could not fix the situation on line -- so they took me off automatic payments. He told me that I was not able to make any adjustments on the on line account because I was not a regular bank customer -- I only had a mortgage with them. He wanted me to sign up for an account as the only way to help me. I said no, I did not need more bank accounts, I just wanted this problem fixed.

I walked out of the bank three weeks ago with the managers assurance that the problem was resolved. Today, I found out that they are still suspending my automatic payments and have reported my as 30 days late to all three credit bureaus!

This has destroyed my refinancing process! Can anyone tell me who in the world I need to deal with to get this taken care of right away? They can not seem to do anything at the branch but fill in a work order and wait. This is not right.

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3/3/2011 Chase Home Finance - I am behind on our mortgage, due to previous
I am behind on our mortgage, due to previous underemployment of 2+ months. They will not do a repayment plan for my mortgage of $596 because our monthly income of $2700 is insufficient, even though its only 22% of our income. They call you every day to make a payment, even though I can (and have been) only pay every 2 weeks. Pure harrassment. They tell me that they can foreclose even if you are paying every month. In March around the 15th, I will be paid in full.... Praise Jesus!

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2/15/2011 Chase Home Finance - I Have MY SILVER BULLET ANYONE GOT The GUN? Im IN
I Have MY SILVER BULLET ANYONE GOT The GUN? Im IN OREGON Looking for any Attorney that will to go with this Or put us in on a CLASS ACTION Against Chase Bank, they orchestrated or default by telling us in order to qualify for the modification that we would have to go 3 months in the rears, our trail period didnt start until we where 6 months in the rears, and it was explained not to worry all late fees and penalties balance would be zero through the new documents of the loan modification.I Hold Our Signed by Chase Bank contract that we Successfully Completed the trail period for our Loan Modification.The first payment past that trail period they received yet never cashed it and stopped all contact with us and sold the loan off nearly a year later. They Signed off and TOOK off with the Bailout $$$ with Montage Insurance that they are not in tilted to, "THEY" orchestrated the default and they made off with more $$$ when they Sold it off to the Current Holder. We HAVE NO RECOURSE? E-mail Me At [email protected]

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2/1/2011 Chase Home Finance - I have sent my loan mod papers twice by faxes,
I have sent my loan mod papers twice by faxes, once by fedex, and still no response if I qualify. I have called once each week since I have tried to get a modification. Every time I call, I'm told I still need to send more papers. How many times do we have to keep sending the same papers over again? I have kept records of every paper I've sent and when it was sent. I have also kept copies of every paper I've sent. How hard is it to get a straight answer from these people. Will I come home from work one day and find all my belongings out on the street??

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1/13/2011 Chase Home Finance - Wow! These comments sound so familiar. I wish
Wow! These comments sound so familiar. I wish that someone would sue the pants off of this company. They are predators. The bank that we financed our home through sold us to Chase. We have had nothing but problems with them. Now we are paying for their mistakes on our escrow. Our credit has gone down because they increased our mortgage by $500 per month, on a fixed rate loan. We have had mortgages before and never have we had the pathetic service from a bank. We too were told that our modification was all set and to just wait for the call from representative. I waited and waited. Finally, I called back to check the status. They had lied to me. They didn't even have our paperwork and I needed to re-submit all of the paperwork. Unfortunately, we are in a spot, and cannot refinance with another bank. They probably know that. I just read something about them "pushing" other people into foreclosures. I believe it.

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1/1/2011 Chase Home Finance - In my experience with them as lomg as you keep
In my experience with them as lomg as you keep faxing the info they wanted over and over calling twice a week to verify with your relationship mananger they got the info in 2 months my loan mod was done and the papers were sent. you have to make sure you respond right away to their requests and pay attention to what each person tells you after you sift through the bs your loan mod will be done. Its a proccess that makes you wanna give up but if you hang tough and stay on top of it they will modify your loan

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12/16/2010 Chase Home Finance - Chase has go to be the worse financial
Chase has go to be the worse financial institution. My cosin got a call over three monts ago from an individual. The person told her congratulations the modification came through. The person even went as far as telling what her monthly payment would be, and the papers for her to sign would be coming by mail. Nothing came from them. Each time she calls,she gets nowhere or they need something else/ Yesterday was the last straw/ They told her bhe has reapply all over again. They want to take her house. Chase is a monster.

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