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10/14/2014 PHH Mortgage - After dealing with an insurance issue. I believe
After dealing with an insurance issue. I believe that the prez,vice prez, executive officer or ceo do not have a mortgage with there own employer. What a frigging joke, so many hoops to jump thru and red tape that it makes your head spin and gives you a massive headache. And there people answering the phone saying is I am sorry. I tell you one thing these people not deserve another red cent of mine(hell I am going to find another mortgage company. So much BS. I was kinda hoping that I could get some money that I had already paid out reimburst but I was wrong. Seems that the insurance adjuster forgot to put his estimate on a company header letter. So now I am back to square one(lets hope it's a warm winter in IOWA} 9 broken windows,leaking roof and all they can say is sorry. May I add that this is a VA mortgage and I will be letting the VA know about issue's with your company. Thank you and good day. You can e-mail me back if you wish Oh yea you do not have e-mail oh anyway please feel free to give me a call

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8/21/2014 PHH Mortgage - I had an absolutely wasted experience with
I had an absolutely wasted experience with customer service. Our insurance on our house increased $130/month, and our escrow increase was slated for $300/month with no explainable reason.

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7/8/2014 PHH Mortgage - I need address to phh tax department so I can send
I need address to phh tax department so I can send my tax bill. Thx

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6/29/2014 PHH Mortgage - Please contact me!!
Please contact me!!

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3/21/2014 PHH Mortgage - PHH - requested a note of first mortgage and I have not received it
This has been a wast of time but I have requested a copy of NOTE OF FIRST MORTGAGE on Jan 22 2014, as of this date I have not received this copy. Every time I call I get somebody that tells me in is in the mail, the next time I call they tell me It is still in process. This has been in process for two months now and I am unable to talk to anybody that knows anything. I need help. This is the worst service I have every had to deal with.

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2/6/2014 PHH Mortgage - What is my mortgage balance,please?
What is my mortgage balance,please?

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12/29/2013 PHH Mortgage - I signed up to make auto payments on line. I
I signed up to make auto payments on line. I started an account, got an email stating I signed up on line. I tried to set up the auto payment process and it said I needed to call customer service. I tried 8 times and got know where but disconnected every time . I tried a few days later to log in and it says my user name or password was incorrect! I wrote down my log in information, so I know it's correct. I tried calling again and again and all I got was recordings to get a credit card with all these benefits, then to press 3 for costumer service, and got disconnected every time, again!! What a joke PHH is!! Get it together PHH, you make enough interest off all the Mortgage loans you really should get your Shit together. Just tried logging in to your site again, and now the site is down!!! really???? Looking in to refinancing my mortgage with another company!

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12/26/2013 Hard to reach a life person at PHH Mortgage
My only comment is I'm always calling everyday but it's hard to get in touch with vanhaustin we you please tell him to call me at 5xxx67 and I'm always liege a message but he never response

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9/28/2013 PHH Mortgage - Your Computer answering system is usless. I am
Your Computer answering system is usless. I am away from home for two months and
just called to get a account number so i can mail my check. After asuring the computer
i am not a mexican i was intorgated for 10 minutes to be transfered to the person who
could tell me my account number. THEN I GET THE RECORDING THEY ARE CLOSED FOR THE
WEEKEND. If the monron that set this up would make this announcement first i would
have saved a lot of time.
I am mailing the check anyway and they can figure out what to do with it.

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9/20/2013 PHH Mortgage - There are good and bad things about PHH but it
There are good and bad things about PHH but it just seems that the company tries to cut corners and doesn't have good management. I applied for a loan modification and it seemed as if the case managers are completely overloaded with work. The young woman I was working with did her best but it seems that management makes it tough. She was very pleasant and knowledgable. I think PHH needs to hire some more people to assist with the volume if loans it has. It takes forever for things to get reviewed.

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4/2/2013 PHH Mortgage - dumb woman working in customer service at PHH
what an absolute dumb woman working in customer service. People are needing jobs, no excuse for stupid people holding jobs like this stupid bitch.. All I needed & wanted was pay off on my house.

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2/15/2013 PHH Mortgage - guian delacruz Is the bastard that charged me a
guian delacruz Is the bastard that charged me a $17 fee for paying my mortgage by phone. Money hungary babtards (PHH).

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