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How To Contact Aliexpress Customer Service

How do I contact Aliexpress customer service. Go to their contact page and then click Chat Now


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  1. I have never met with such complete incompetence in my life in dealing with Customer Service Alitalia over a simple matter. The details of the ticket mix up are too long and too many. Suffice it to say that I am 36 hours before boarding a plane from Rome to Florence and the e-ticket I was promised yesterday has yet to arrive. Calling today I was met with the same drill as the agent yesterday….”Don’t worry; it’ll be ok; your ticket will arrive”. Demands to speak to a supervisor were met with “he’s not available”. The background noise in the office sounded like they were operating from a tavern. The maddening repetitive music to sooth one’s anger only made you angrier. I wouldn’t fly on Alitalia, if it were the last airline in the world.

  2. Hello,

    We got 2 tickets from Iran.Right now ,we are in Canada.One of the passengers wants to return at april5th,but another one wants to stay ,and chages the departure date.In order to do that,we went to the travel agent .They told us thickets should be seperated first then you can change the date.Also,they told us we shold do it from Iran.However,the ticket’s due is saturday April 5th,and alitalia will be closed till saturday since it is holiday in Iran.The ticket number is 0552400259272.Ali Mirsharifi wants to return but Saeideh Siamaknia wants to change its date.I can not understand why both tickets have a same file ,and we need to seperate them.also,I was wondering what we are supposed to do now.


    Ali Mirsharifi

  3. On a recent flight to Rome a child across the isle from me vomited. I told her to ring the call button…but after looking up and seeing several were lit, began to assist. A steward was wheeling the beverage cart and I asked for assistance. I was told to wait until the beverage service was completed. I began assisting in wiping up with an airline blanket. A pile of dry napkins were dropped off to me. I went back to the now finished beverage service staff and said there was an ill passenger needing help (thinking maybe they didn’t understand what I was trying to communicate.) I was told by the male steward, that he did not care. I repeated what he said to clarify I’d heard correctly. He said he did care, but he tapped on his watch saying that they were preparing the flight for landing. I dropped a second blanket in the beverage area and asked for a plastic bag. As I turned around to return to the sick child, I was yelled at to return and place the blanket in one of two places. I returned to continue clean up and was brought, more dry paper towels. When I asked for the stewards name, I was refused that information by him, and another stewardess, but reminded that they knew my name from my seat. What happened to blood-borne pathogen training, and what a disappointment that serving drinks took precedence over a sick passenger. Won’t be flying with them again. July 3rd Flt. 1040 from JFK to Rome

  4. Yes I’m having an issue wit my order gotta comfirmation code stating that my package would not b sent they didn’t put the money back on my card either tryna figure outbid I can get that mailed off @ the price it was @…. Note they have went up on the price now but it was surposed to had been shipped off can I get it for that price or if not I’ll just like my money back on the credit card

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