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How To Contact Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help

Boost Mobile Customer Service is a provided by Sprint. They provide unlimited data for text, phone, and streaming. Their biggest competitor is Metro PCS.

Boost Mobile Phone Numbers

Phone Number: 1-888-266-7848

Customer Service: 1-866-402-7366

From Mobile: Dial 611

Sales: 1-855-223-2491

Boost Mobile Hours

Mon-Fri: 4am – 8pm PST
Sat & Sun: 4 am – 7 pm PST

You can search for answers to your questions online using their official website click here.

Boost Mobile’s Competition and Similar Companies. 

Boost Mobile’s competition includes Asurion, Assurance Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, Cricket, and Verizon Wireless.

Get Help By Phone: Call their customer service phone number for live help. or Dial 1-866-402-7366 from your mobile or landline. Or dial 611 from your mobile device.

Get self-help online:
Boost mobile offers customer support through their Twitter page:

1-866-402-7366 Boost Mobile Customer Service
1-866-402-7366 is Boost Mobile’s Customer Service

36 Responses

  1. I have never had better service from a cell phone company. The reps in Santo Domingo

    are warm friendly and knowledgeable making for a pleasant experience. Thanks for the great


  2. This company really needs to work on their customer service. i know they are trying to appeal to a hip, new crowd, but that hip new crowd can’t get through this tangled mess either. So What about it guys? How about some real tech support?

  3. I was supposed to have the Boost Shrinkage and have noticed that my monthly payment is still $40.00. In the last (6) months I purchased a new phone and went from $35.00 to the amount of $45.00 then $40.00 and it should be at $35.00. I have been a boost mobile customer for several years and have never had a late payment. My Payment is on file and each 22nd of the month the amount is deducted. Please help with this question.

    Thank You

  4. My Boost cell drops call,, can not make any calls can not get voice message..It says Voice Failed,,,,and that Wireless Network has X I am sick and need a phone service,,, Last Fri started to miss voice mails,,, Can not Make any Calls or rec them,,, Going to have surgery soon need a Decent phone…. There is NO Customer Service,,,, Even if you go to a Boost store,,,, They Know NOTHING…Going to Report them to the Better Bus …

  5. I bought a new iPhone s from boost. Bought the coverage for damage from apple direct. I dropped the phone my fault, no problem. Go into Apple the give me a a new phone. Spend over an hour on the phone and on line with Boost. All the Apple techs say good luck all of there customers leave with out phone service , need to go to Boost. So I go to Boost the next day and for 4 straight days. Give us 24 hours and we will get phone service. That didn’t work. Day 2 Apple had no business replacing your phone, you need to buy another one from us. Day 3 we see that you have a problem going to the top of our list. Day 4 Need to replace your Iccdm card ( SIMM). We are trying everything we can wait 5 business days and we will send you a new card. If not you need to think about getting your money back from apple for selling you the coverage. Buy a new phone from boost and then buy our coverage so you can have cell phone service. Folks I don’t know about you but whatever type of business your in would that type of customer service work. These guys tell you what you want to hear. It’s cheaper and easier to stay with Verizon. I will be out of phone service for 10 days and paying for it.

  6. Save yourself the headache and hassle, and go with another carrier.

    Boost mobile has poor/spotty service. A lot of dropped calls. The phones are crap. My android phone lasted less than 6 months. Phone stopped working on March 2nd, and they will not refund the rest of the month, despite the fact that the phone doesn’t work. It is hard to get ahold of an actual representative, not that there much help anyways. Numerous other problems with the phone, but that is probably due to the phone and not the carrier. Would NOT recommend or use either one again.

  7. I swear to our Almighty God that Boost Mobile has to be the ULTIMATE WORST CELL SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only are your phones bullcrap but your website is too!!!!!! I’ve tirelessly have tried to enter into my online account and cannot! Your website will allow me to put in my 4-digit passcode but wont let me enter my phone#????!!!!! WTF BOOST???!!! I am definitely changing my service!!!! I’ve been a longtime subscriber but I’be taken all I can stand!!!!! You azzholes make me completely sick!!!!!!!

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