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How to Call and Contact CBS Sports Customer Service


CBS Sports Customer Service Phone Number and Contact Information for Support and Help.

Contact CBS Sports Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

1-877-266-6474 for CBS Sports Customer Service
1-877-342-4911 For Store

CBS Sports Address

1401 W. Cypress Creek Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

CBS Sports Support Site

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  • c bs had bad coverage of the N F L on 12/20/2015

    The steelers vs Denver was to be the 4:00 pm game. Instead, they showed the Miami vs San Diego game

    Miami is the local team. That gam didn’t have playoff implication and quickly was out of hand.

    They should have switched to the Steeler game which had the play off implications.

    am disappointed that I had to miss that important game!

  • CBS Sports. Jim Nance is too much talent to waste. Phil Simms – GET RID OF EEEEEEEEEEEEEM! I am tired of muting my NFL coverage to try and avoid the obnoxious idiot. While you are at it, consider getting rid of the transformers crap as well.

  • Aloha CBS sports on Sunday October 11, 2015 I tuned in to watch Oakland vs. Denver and to my amazement your broadcasting New England vs. Dallas. No offense but the last time I checked the globe Hawaii is just a bit closer to California and Colorado than either Texas or NE. I’m fully aware of Deflate gate and I’ve got a new term for you folks “BROADCAST-GATE”

    Give us what we want to see here in the Islands for a change and then we are experiencing ultimate Paradise on Sunday mornings!


  • Justin Rose got his ball out of the water on 18 and hit it twice with a club before placing it 2 club lengths from hazard

  • Attended the Quail Hollow golf tournament on Sunday May 17. We were able to take my neighbor Patrick Northrup and his wife Hilary. Patrick has Advanced ALS and is unable to move. He is in a wheelchair and is connected to a machine that breaths for him. He enjoys sports. It is all he has left. This will most likely be his last golf tournament. I am shocked by the behavior demonstrated by your camera man. We were anxiously waiting as Rory was walking the green to make his putt. Patrick never got to see any of it. Your camera man came up quickly at the last minute and stood right in front of Patrick. He looked directly at Patrick and knew what he was doing. He offered no apology or concern. I understand that a job must get done. The other stations managed to work around Patrick because they cared. I can’t tell you how upset I feel. He lost the moment…He won’t get it back…We had to leave after that..very disappointed

  • CBS,

    I have been commissioner of a CBS fantasy league since 2004 on your paid site. It has always been the practice of CBS to run adds between innings. This year CBS has decided it is OK to run adds while the innings are still in progress. This is totally wrong and greedy for CBS to do this. This is a paid site and adds during play should not be allowed. If this continues I will be dropping CBS and will be going to ESPN or Yahoo. This is double dipping and will not be tolerated. Teams in the league have been complaining for years that is e should go to a free site and CBS has just stepped over the line. If this is not changed we are changing sites for next year. Just terrible. Also you have eliminated minor league stats for the players. Don’t understand that move at all.

  • I don’t recommend using CBS fantasy Baseball I still haven’t got my prize fro last November we’re going to use Yahoo baseball

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