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How To Contact Classmates Customer Service

Number listed is for United Online the parent company of
Classmates the premier reunion site on the internet. Customer Service is provided via the internet only.



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  1. This is not a user friendly site. I had to go to IE to access it, though I signed up through Google. Someone messed up when acct. was set up.

    I cannot send messages – site says “Oops” cannot send your reply [to my reunion]. Also could not send an email to the planner.

    The emails I receive appear to be misleading and repetitive about people visiting my profile, etc. Don’t know most. Very frustrating.

  2. I cannot get thru to you to check out some of the things you post, could you please check this out?

  3. I cancelled my membership 2 or three years ago when you made an unauthorized charge to my paypal credit account. Now you have done it a couple of months ago and nobody notified me of the charge and the bill has expended to 77.00 dollars. I expect you to make this right to my paypal account. I did not know about this until today.make sure my account with classmates is closed and you make this right with with paypal

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