ATT Billing


Wireless Billing Number: 1-800-331-0500 or 611 from your ATT Wireless Phone
Uverse Billing: 1-800-288-2020
Home Phone Landline: 1-800-288-2020

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  1. We cancelled our service with AT&T two weeks ago and we are not able to get a final prorated bill! Instead we are charged a full amount. We spent hours on the phone, but nobody is able to solve this tiny issue. How’s that possible?????

  2. “I have requested billing to correct my bill for the last month and it has not been corrected as to this date.

    Our wireless service was changed without being authorized and made our wireless phone bill

    much higher and I have dicussed this with several of your service people to put the service back the same as

    it has been for years. What is wrong that no one can give me a corrected bill amount so that I can get this

    months bill paid. I am not going to pay the 283.00 you are saying we owe. Our service should not have

    changed!! Please let me know something either by phone or e-mail soon! ph or

    soon. I regret the possibility of cancelling my service after 50 or more years with ATT.

    e-mail address is “

  3. please respond

    —–Original Message—–

    From: Dave Bruning

    To: pf892n ; vp765u ; bruningdr ; shereem

    Sent: Tue, Aug 21, 2018 11:41 am

    Subject: Re: AT&T 501 244.9780 and 501.244.9662


    I have billing issues with the 2 renewal contracts (300 Main Street Renewal Contract #2001058342 with Disconnect #2001058354 and 301 Main Street Renewal Contract #2001058370 with Disconnect #2001058385) ) which we discussed on 5/15/2018 at 11:28 am. I was told if I made a payment of $3198.58 ($1601.29 for 300 Main Street and $1597.29 for 301 Main Street) for the May 7 invoices that you would proceed with the renewal of the phone at both addresses. I made the payment through my credit card on 5/15/18 as instructed by Valerie Stephens. Furthermore, I was told I would get credited back the majority of these payments because we were being charged at a lot higher rate because AT&T was billing me for all 8 lines at a higher rate while we tried to get this all straightened out . We were changing from 4 lines at each address to 1 line at each address.

    Originally we had phone numbers:

    300 Main had a contract rate of $282.65 for the 4 phone numbers (501.372.1005, 501.244.9684, 501.244.9780, and 501.244.9784) and we wanted to keep 501.244.9780 at $55.00 per month

    301 Main had a contract rate of $282.65 for the 4 phone numbers (501.372.1012, 501.244,9650, 501.244.9657, and 501.244.9662) and we wanted to keep 501.244.9662 at $55.00 per month

    My billing was as follows: 300 Main 301 Main

    5-7-18 ………………………………$ 1601.29……….$ 1597.29

    6-9-18 ………………………………$226.24 CR……….$46.84 CR

    7-9-18……………………………….$142.63 CR……….$ 36.77

    8-9-18……………………………….$ 59.04 CR……….$ 123.78

    Can you explain how these amount were determined? My new rate should be $55.00/month for each location. I should have gotten a larger credit then what is shown based on our conversations. It appears to me that I should have been charged approx. $283 per month during this time but was charged almost twice that amount per month while we were trying to get this straightened out. Please review and let me know your findings. Thanks/Dave Bruning

    —–Original Message—–


    To: ‘Dave Bruning’

    Sent: Wed, Apr 25, 2018 12:01 pm

    Subject: RE: AT&T 501 372-1005 & 501 372-1012

    Hi Dave,

    I was reviewing the account to make the changes you sent me. I see that you cancel the account with us and went with a different provider.

    Priscilla Flores

    AT&T Sales Representative

    Small Business Solutions- Inside Sales and Service


    P.O. Box 2878, Room 218

    Lubbock, Texas 79408

    800 499-7928 |

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    From: Dave Bruning []

    Sent: Friday, April 20, 2018 12:17 PM


    Subject: Re: AT&T 501 372-1005 & 501 372-1012


    We finally got the local AT&T repair services out to the 2 sites to fix our problems and we found out we only need 1 line in each building.

    In the 300 Main Street building we need to keep 501-244-9780…..the other 3 lines can be deleted ( 501.372.1005, 501.244.9684, and 501.244.9784 to be deleted).

    In the 301 Main Street building we need to keep 501.244.9662…..the other 3 lines can be deleted ( 501.372.1012, 501.244.9650, and 501.244.9657 to be deleted).

    Please send me a new bill reflecting these changes. Thanks for you help. Dave

    —–Original Message—–


    To: ‘’

    Sent: Tue, Mar 20, 2018 10:12 am

    Subject: AT&T 501 372-1005 & 501 372-1012

    Hi Dave,

    I see the plan the increase due to the contract expiring. The month to month rate is $89.00 per line plus taxes. I can renew the account for 1 year and the new rate will be $55.00 a month per lines plus taxes. If you would like for me to make the change please reply to my email.

    Thank you,

    Priscilla Flores

    AT&T Sales Representative

    Small Business Solutions- Inside Sales and Service


    P.O. Box 2878, Room 218

    Lubbock, Texas 79408

    800 499-7928 |

  4. AT&T bills me more than once a month, i have been on hold today for 45 mins still listening to their machine telling me how great they are,, these guys are great at billing you double but not very good at anything else,,

  5. I just cancelled both my home phone and Internet service with AT&T. My phone quit working and my Internet speed dropped to half of what it usually runs. The repairman said the main trunk buried along the road was damaged and needed to be replaced. A month later my service was still not up and they had not done any digging along the road but they were still charging for the service.

  6. I have been trying to get my bill corrected since March. I have made 7 phone calls and each time I get the same old line “Oh we can help you with that” but it never happens. The last phone call was 0n 05/11/2018 at 5:00 am to Sonia, who promised to send me a corrected bill to my e-mail address on that date and it did not happen.

    This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. As soon as I get a corrected paper bill I will be happy to pay it.

    My contract is up in Jan 2019 and I will never go with ATT again.

  7. We have been trying to get in touch with you for 2 weeks now, our Cable was installed so wrong they took off the Sound Bar and never put it back, we have tried to call the person who came, never return our call for 2 weeks, I tried to put it myself and it did not work at all, I need someone to come and fix it before I turn everything out, I’m sick and tired so tried to call you and no one help, YOU NEED TO COME BACK AND FIX WHAT YOU ALL MESS SOON.

  8. I am disgusted with your billing service. What is written above in reviews is exactly how I have been treated for the past six months. Forget about awarding stars and work on correcting your BAD SERVICE in THE BILLING DEPARTMENT.

  9. I just got a new go phone and their cellphone customer service sucks. I’m just trying to combine 2 bills together to avoid confusion.

    …… You know what?

    Just forget it!

  10. I have been on the phone for 3 days with customer service trying to get my billing corrected – and with it being day 3 – I have contacted an attorney to help me to understand why as a consumer I have to put up with this much grief from a company that I do business with. The attorney has advised – to go back to paper billing – this gives you a hard copy of your agreement with the company. At any time there is a discrepancy with an invoice – make a copy of the original agreement and send it along with a copy of the invoice along with your check. In the memo of the check write in Paid in full for payment of invoice # due on ____whatever date your invoice was due. Once check is cashed by AT&T they have accepted your payment as finial payment to cover that invoice. If AT&T continues to leave the added charges onto your account – Contact an attorney to file suit against AT&T for the over charge or sending you to a collection agent – mental anguish and your time. This sounds petty until you deal with these guys for 3 days. The story is never the same when you talk to them and they tell you one thing and do something totally opposite. when you call them again they said they show nothing on your file pertaining to that conversation. There are not many to choose from that have TV/Internet/Phone service that do not deal with AT&T – This company knows that. We as consumers are going to use them because we will pay for entertainment and this is a source of entertainment – they can charge what they want and we will continue to pay it just like Gas. However I think that their prices are high enough and they should not put extra charge or just change something when they want and not send you a bill so you can’t stop the situation. They can do what they want because no one is turning it back on them and making them accountable.

  11. We too have had the same experience with our home phone and internet service billing charges. For over a year we have tried to get credit for bills charged in error by ATT. They change the plan and tell us it was a “promo” we signed up for which we never agreed to in the first place. When we do finally connect with a voice, the person explains we need to talk to the billing dept. which is the number called in the first place. They pass the buck to someone else and say they do not have authority to make changes to the account. One rep explained that their ATT computer system generates the monthly incorrect bills and it will continue because its a glich which is the only honest statement made by them. As of this past Thursday, 6-19-14, our internet service was stopped while were out of town. We spent another 2 hours trying to get our service turned on. ATT Billing Dept said that adjustments would be corrected. We got home from our trip 2 days later in the mail an invoice showing PAST DUE amount of $33.57 which is the amount quoted by ATT Billing dept to be corrected and credited. This company is a JOKE!

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