Boost Mobile Customer Service

Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help

Boost Mobile is a mobile carrier owned by Sprint. The provide unlimited data for text, phone and streaming. Their biggest competitor is Metro PCS.

Boost Mobile Phone Numbers

Phone Number: 1-888-266-7848

Customer Service: 1-866-402-7366

From Mobile: Dial 611

Sales: 1-855-223-2491

Boost Mobile Hours

Mon-Fri: 4am – 8pm PST
Sat & Sun: 4am – 7pm PST

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Contact Boost Mobile Customer Service

  1. Call their customer service phone number for live help.

    Dial 1-866-402-7366 from your mobile or landline. Or dial 611 from your mobile device.

  2. Get self-help online

    You can search for answers to your questions online using their official website click here.

  3. Get help on Social Media

    Boost mobile offers customer support through their Twitter page: https://twitter.com/BoostCare

Boost Mobile Customer Service
Boost Mobile Phone Number

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  1. For some reason, my phone has gone to ice in case of an emergency an now I can’t get my contacts to display and there’s no way of retrieving this info from my account an customer service surely doesn’t help

  2. Since 611 don’t work on my phone, I can never reach customer service, Boost Up doesn’t work either, can I get some HELP

  3. Wonderful experience with customer service whenever I have called. Agents are courteous and helped me with a problem I had of being overcharged for a phone at Best Buy.

  4. Awe full customer experience trying to activate my new phone! I was on the phone with rep for over 1hour only to get hung up on and not able to get my new phone activated. I called back several times only to get an automated system that was also unable to help me to get my new phone activated. I am very disappointed with boost at this point and still no activated phone yet almost 24 hours after originally trying to activate. I am craped off and would never recommend boost mobile to anyone I know!

  5. This company should not be in business. There is zero customer service. All automated now. If you have questions about anything, good luck. Save yourself the gas expense of returning your device to the store, which you will inevitably do, and don’t waste your time with these people.

  6. Im tired of the service boost gives, the charge you every month for crappy service, my calls have been dropping more and more. they cut back on towers yet the price doesn’t go down. Im going to change to another provider and I wont recommend them to anyone

  7. I don’t appreciate on how when u call boost 411 nd press 2 for Spanish on weekends u receive an error message completely in English stating the operators won’t be able to assist unroll Monday which is cool but the whole tone of the message in degrading I’m bilingual nd this high upset me the fact that 1. Ur calling to do something in SPANISH the message should be in SPANISH not ENGLISH 2. The message needs to get a tone check because it seems that the message should be for a moron I called boost to get at least a customer relations address but when I ask the rep I all of a sudden get an error message stating.the call was disconnected funny I don’t have boost I have t-mobile so I know that crap don’t even sound right

  8. You guys are whine babies. Boost mobile and like any other stupid phone service isn’t going to stop on demand when you need something. When you call, you have to wait. That’s life. There’s hundreds of people calling in all the time, so have a little patience. I get someone and they’re very nice most of the time. All I need help is with one thing but I don’t have signal. This isn’t because they suck, some areas just don’t have towers, its LIFE. We should appreciate what we have then complain all the time. There’s people who don’t even own a pair of shoes and live in a tent with dirt floors, no funning water, food, and basic everyday things, we complain and whine about, (they would be happy to have a phone, just a phone to talk to family) but due to being born into poverty and their government doesn’t give to craps, these people suffer. IT’s ashamed cause we sit over here on our 500 dollar laptops and complain about not getting boost on the phone fast enough.

  9. worst customer service ever I mean none THERE IS NO LIVE CUSTOMER SERViCE THIS COMPANY SUCKS SOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!

    1. I thank they are the worst phone service ever I bought a new phone and told them I would like insurance on it well it slip out of my hand and broke it they said I had no insurance and I would have to by a new phone there service stinks

  10. My calls don’t go through half the time, if I do get a call it gets dropped after

    just a few moments, when I text I have to run outside to get it to send. There is

    something terribly wrong with Boost. I thought maybe it was my phone but the tech I

    talked to said I should talk to my provider. The only thing is you can’t get a person

    to talk to.

  11. Been with boost for over 4 years last 6 to8months nothing but dropped calls ,phone not receving calls no text messing,spent hours trying to get a answer took a long time to get a live person, all blame put on outages in area. Would not admit that outages have been on going,gave me a credit on my account so what, doesnt even come close to money lost at end of my free period of one month, I will be going else where this problem is all over the state of Michigan, not just one area. Good buy Boost mobile you are just a big ripp off take the money dont give service paid for, everyone in my family are feed up and all are giving up your awful service good luck stealing money cause you do it well

  12. I have Boost mobile and am unable to use it in my hometown at all. Have spoken to at least a dozen reps and although they try to help, 2 months later they are apparently still working on the towers in my town. Rediculous. Hope I don’t have to dial 911 because it wont go through if I call from home. So sorry I continued to be a loyal customer.

  13. When I’m out of town I have no service it didn’t pick up sprint towers. I was in Alabama and Iowa and I couldn’t get customer service someone else had to call, and when we reach customer service all they said was we don’t service that area they didn’t have a tower in that area. So for both weeks I had no service I had to use someone elses phone. Never received credit for no service.

  14. I wish I had found this site b4 I went to Boost Mobile I haven’t seen 1 positive comment yet. This is my first month and already I have a problem paid for 2 phones for husband and self over 1100.00 $. Bills were due Dec 2 said $60 so I gave my home aide 120.00 but of course it was 55.00 each like she said. Now today 12/3/13 my husband has service and I don’t. So I have to wait till the store opens and send her back with the receipts Not off to a great start


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