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  1. I have experienced most worst experience today. I am a new driver and dont know what are the other options except calling insurance emergency while my tire got flat. am with Geico and keep on calling them but no response. 4 times and More than half an hr waited on phone for their response but they are still busy — dont know what to do

  2. I just used my roadside assistance and I was more than pleased!! The tow truck driver was extremely professional and arrived within 35 minutes of my calling Geico! He not only jumped my car, but he put some things back together inside my engine that were missing! I’m ecstatic to have the roadside assistance with my coverage for only $14 or so!! Thank you Geico for helping a single mom get her car moved!

  3. I have to leave my car while attending a funeral in NY as I ran out of gas. I have to leave to go back to work in Virgina. Due to the shortage of gas I force to leave the vechicle. I dont know what to do.

  4. Geico Roadside has come to Jimmy out my locked out car on two occasions within a half hour and without charge. True lifesavers when in a jam. They’re doing things proper in Alexandria VA from my experience. Glad to have them at my side out there!

  5. road service came to change a tire and never put the bolts/screws back on the car. Got mile down the street and tire fell off at 50 miles hour… I was severely injured and geico CLAIMS i hit a pot hole and a pole.. GEICO SUCKS AND ROAD SERVICE WILL LEAVE YOU STRANDED.. HOURS MAYBE DAYS

  6. I’ve used geico roadside before a tow to my dealership and was impressed by the service. However I got a flat tire 11pm last night on a two lane highway in the middle of nowhere. We decided to call while we worked on it ourselves.. THEY NEVER ANSWERED THE PHONE!! We changed the tire without a problem and the line was still ringing

  7. Just waited on the side of the road for over two hours. They never showed up despite many calls to customer service. Each time I called, they asked me to wait for the service. I am woman and did not fell comfotable waiting any longer so i just locked up the car and called a cab. I willing be calling and maybe even changing my policy. Miramar, Floida, 33027. Original call 2/24 – 2:20 PM

  8. I want to personnaly thank Geico Roadside Assistance for their help on my son’s behalf. Last nite 12/5/11, my son was just outside Clayton, New Mexico when he hit “black ice” and went off the road. He called me, in San Diego, and I told him to call Geico Roadside. After a failed first attempt to contact their tow company, Geico pursued other options and had a tow truck out there in about an hour. The weather was subfreezing and my son was traveling crosscounrty to NY. I have been a long time member and have always recommended Geico to my friends and family. Thank you!

  9. I know for sure they will reimburse you, as my son had a problem on the highway, and not realizing he had geico roadside service, he paid for tow out of his pocket. We later found out that he had geico roadside assisstance, so he sent in a copy of the invoice given to us by the tow truck driver, and although they said because he didnt directly call them when the tow was needed they would reimburse but only $50.00. The total bill was $90.00, so feeling $50 was better than nothing i faxed in the invoice for my son, putting his geico account number on the invoice, and with in 10 days- 2 weeks he received a check for the whole $90.00

  10. My boyfriend has the roadside assistance and locked his keys in his car. He called the 800 number and was only on hold a short, reasonable time, and help was sent asap! Very fast! I was impressed! and I’m also impressed with the price!

  11. Geico roadside assistance was simply awful. I called their number twice and kept hearing ads for a variety of products instead of getting any actual assistance. I finally had to call a towing company and pay for my own tow. After paying geico for seven years, the one time I finally needed them and they failed me.

  12. It was pouring down raining and my car would not restart. I called Geico road side assistance twice. It was a little after 5 pm. First call stated no one available to answer the phone, to leave a message. I hung up and called back in 5 minutes and it stated this again. I left the message and still have not heard from anyone.

    I called and paid for my own tow. At this point I don’t trust Geico on this.

    I did see where I could get reimbursed, so others may be having the same problem.

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