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Metro PCS has no limits talk or text all you want. One Flat Rate (As low as $30 per month). No Contract, First Month Free. No Activation Fee and a State of the art network.

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  1. I changed my number but my phone was disconnected. i changed my number but my phone was disconnected when i woke up this morning.

  2. Where is my $49 rebate My tracking number is lgjh61484246 “WHERE IS MY REBATE OF $49.00 WHICH IS LONG OVERDUE? SALVATORE, 11/28/2015. Replies. No replies have been made yet.. Be the first to add a reply!

  3. call the corp. number 1-214-570-5800 you get right through. Be careful with online payments. Your cards are being compromised on their site or by person in their payment office. I was just charged the same payment as my metro payment by another company

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