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Tinder Customer Service & Corporate Office HQ

Match Group, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company

8750 North Central Expressway, Suite 1400

Dallas, TX 75231, USA

Fax:  1-214-853-4309

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15 Replies to “Tinder”

  1. I canceled my tinder account month’s ago and i just found out today that I have a negative balance in my account that i have no knowledge of the fact that if i cancel my account that i still get charged that i was not aware of or the fact that i did not authorized…how do i get my refund back

  2. Yes, this is Cecilia and I’m reporting Byron. Not sure that is his real name. Look, he writes great letters to you but to anyone else he can! Says great things toyou, promising brand things.
    He accidentally sent but to another me someone’s email.. Much the same as mine but to another woman.
    Please get him off Tinder!

  3. i’d like to pay for a subscription, but my iTunes account is disabled. I wanted to pay you guys directly. Please give me a call

  4. peter hirschfields accounts needs to be deactivated immedaly. This man is married and since I pay the bill then this crap does not need to be allowed

  5. some one needs to contact me. I spoke to your company several months ago about how I am not a member and you keep charging my bank account. The bank and my attorney are now looking into filing charges against your company. You need to reimburse me 6 months of payment

  6. What is a contact #? I am getting a charge every month on the 3rd from Tinder when I Never gave you my card info to charge me and I deleted the app shortly after downloading it.

  7. I’m trying to open up my Tinder account and I just redownloaded it and it says I need to sign into my Tinder account in order to reconnect it with my FB

  8. I am 85 years old @ I have purchased several Timex watches through out my life @ I have always been satisfied, until now.

    About 2 months ago I I purchased a Indiglo Timex watch that I wear everyday,to look at it you might think that I have been wearing everyday for the last 10 years.The plastic crystal is so scratched up that it is unbelievable,

    @ as I am retired @ do not work any more how can everyday wear do so much damage to the crystal?

    Very soon I will be purchasing a new watch as the present watch will not be clear enough to see,as i am sure that you can see my cirstuffstance that it not be a Timex nor would I ever reccomend anybody to purchase a Timex.

    Thank you for the old memories

  9. We sent a watch in to be repaired last month. The watch kept time but couldn’t set the date.

    we received a new watch which didn’t work—dead battery.

    I receiver a return label and returned it. I would like the watch I sent to be returned. It at least kept time. Timex sent a bill with the new watch for $24.99. The watch didn’t work.

    I’m very disappointed with Timex customer service.

    Please call or text me at 559-361-1036.

    I have tried to call numerous times at the phone number that is given online. It alwways says”call failed.”

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