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Xfinity internet and tv means more speed – more control with your entertainment. Comcast Cable‘s Xfinity service is one of the largest internet and cable tv providers in the U.S.A.

Xfinity also offers mobile phone service, home phone service, Dvr service, Wifi hot spot services along with their high-speed internet service for both home and business.

Xfinity customer service tends to get bad reviews. However, compared to most cable companies, Xfinity is rated very highly.

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Xfinity Customer Service
Xfinity Customer Service

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  1. I am so unhappy with xfinity service, I have been billed for movies I did not order and I get interruptions in my service on a daily basis! When customers pay as much as we do we should not be inconvenienced with service interruptions on a regular basis, and if we are interrupted then we should not have to endure a 45min phone call to fix it. I don’t feel like troubleshooting problems every time my cable goes out!! Need to change my service. ??

  2. I am so fed up with Comcast that in the morning I will be going back to direct TV. I have been on hold for over an hour waiting to get tech support to get my t v going. This is after being disconnected three times. At least once a night I have problems with the service but usually my service returns after a while. That is not the case tonight.

    I keep getting the message that my call is important to them so I should continue to hold. Won’t be long and the

    my phone will go dead. I really do have the feeling that I have just been put on perpetual hold.

  3. It worked!!! They are going to install 2 extra rooms for $50 in 2 weeks!

    I talked to a live person, who was very polite and spoke perfect English!

    Go Comcast!

  4. xfinity sucks, had faster dial up back in the day, honestly was a total waste of time and money for a 1 week pass, the service was terrible and the modem box was literally right outside my window on the pole. I had to run diagnostics constantly to keep a connection and the speeds were worthless. I actually drove to the nearest sheetz just to be able to download a file, verizon fios it the way to go to go folks, best internet and customer service yet, comcast is a joke, Id recommend never using the modems on the utility pole as an expensive over rated way of internet access, even if it it only 10ft outside ur huge wall of open windows… here are 2 diagnostic reports I thought were humorous… it actually read the modem as being in an upstairs bedroom closet and suggested I move the modem… geez, how on earth could i make it any closer unless I went outside and climbed the pole and sat directly on the dam box, lol Comcast xfinity…. what a joke and waste… I think they should actually refund my money for the worthless week pass.

  5. yes i am a customer of yours and i am in lenox il. andexperencing problems with my tv and i would like to correct this problem as soon a possible ca you please call me at my name is mark i go by mitch call me when you can please

  6. I called Comcast and had a wonderful young man that helped me. It took a while but he was extremely helpful and my t.v. works well. Thank you for the help.

  7. I called Comcast and had a wonderful young man that helped me. It took a while but he was extremely helpful and my t.v. works well. Thank you for the help.

  8. Xfinity sux!

    If you have another option take it. I never use it again over priced endless problems and customer service is nonexistent .

  9. Hi

    Comcast charge you for anything is very fast and effective but to give a quality as they say 24 hour a day they are miserable I’ve been there like 3 times in the office of Hialeah to pick up the cable boxes I need and I haven’t resolved the problem yet ,I call the company like 4 times and nobody resolved nothing.

    the company should go out of bussines because they are offering hi definition which never have



  10. I had my service disconnected at my old address on 2/28/14 and was told my service at new location would be activated and alls I needed to do was connect the existing equipment I had. As of today I still have no service. I have had 2 appointments scheduled and both no shows. I have spent hours on the phone with customer service and nothing. Problem was escalted to Executive Customer Relations and I was assured that my service would be up and running on 3/10 and again no show. It is unbelievable a company can operate like this. I am under contract until August 2015. I have emailed and left numerous voice messages with Stephen Sistos who is supposedly with Executive Customer Relations and have yet to receive a return call. I have even attempted to contact Tom Karinshak who is supposedly Senior Vice Presiden and received an email from his office from a dimwit that assured me my service would be taken care of and she didn’t even read what my problem was. DO NOT AND I STRESS… DO NOT USE COMCAST/XFINITY The worst Customer relations of any company I have ever dealt with.

  11. Had Xfinity before and first time all the channels were green. Xfinity guy came out, and dropped and broke the tv. Ended up leaving the company. Family ended up going back to Xfinity because they were cheaper. Had to wait a full week just to get the tv portion, called to get internet working got put on hold and transferred 4 times and I ended up finding out the problem myself and I am already on the phone for the 3rd time because internet is not working. Biggest waste of money ever.

  12. There is no customer support. After being told my issue would be addressed within 24 hour and it wasn’t I called back and was told the problem would be addressed within 72 hours. It wasn’t. I called back and spent a half hour waiting to talk to an agent who asked what the problem was. In the middle of explaining the problem she hung up on me. Now I’ve gotten in touch with an agent in Colorado who tells me the previous ticket was cancelled because the problem has been resolved. It wasn’t. She issued a new ticket number then I was transferred to another phone specialist agent who hung up on me, again, after telling me the problem was on my end and she’d send me an email detailing some steps I could take to resolve it, No email was sent. I’m tired of calling and being lied to then told the issue has been resolved,..

  13. Received a letter about a recent update to my account–which, of course, will be an added expense to me. I have questions about it, but when I called the number given in the letter, I was told it was disconnected. Directed to another number, which was also disconnected. Called the number on my bill–some thing. Now what?

  14. Terrible customer service. Out of country tech support is pathetic. I can not get anyone to tell me why PAC12 Washington is not broadcast in HD in Seattle…??? California games are…

  15. What will make America great again is to large corporations like Comcaxt/Xfinity have customer support staff that speak English and do more than repeat what is being said to them; then apologize for the problems. Oh, and please tell them to stop asking us to stay on the line–that is just plain stupid. Why would a customer with a problem hang up on real person after running the gauntlet of automated press 1, 3, etc…? Does anyone really care about customer service?

  16. This company is the biggest collection of liars ever assembled. I stayed home this morning because I was assured that the service representative would be there. He never came and never called. I called them with 10 minutes to run before the noon deadline, and I was assured he would be there. I was told one hour later that no work order was ever entered. Then after wasting the better part of my day, I was told it would be 2 and one half more days before I could be reached. I was outright lied to on two occasions . I am going to try AT&T. I understand that they will at least answer the phone without waiting 10 minutes while they try and sell me the “Pacio” fight for $39.95 – whatever that is. I paid these theives almost $200.00 a month for a premium package, and their “x-finity” box last about 4 months before it burns out. This was my third such box. Anyone who stays with this company is a moron.

  17. No live People. Outage in your area 3 days and my next door neighbors working fine. Comments here are correct, They are loosers. I will cancel tomorraro.

  18. I have been trying to call COMCAST Customer Service all morning. Every time I call the phone is busy – 1-800 numbers are NEVER busy.

  19. I pay you for internet service but I only have it for a short period of time and you cut me off. I have called several times but it keeps happening. You also play with passwords and do not accept the password. Is this your way of not giving service. I do not understand why I should pay my bill for NO service.

  20. I haven’t had good customer service from Comcast in years. When I’ve called in the recent past, their voice tree never has an option for what I need help with and it’s extremely difficult to get a human. you can spend an inordinate amount of time on the phone and often get disconnected.

    today, I called their 1-800-934-6489 Xfinity customer service line multiple times and can only get Spanish. No, I didn’t push nueve to continue in Spanish. Sometimes it didn’t even give an option, it just went straight to Spanish.

    Of course, there is no way by phone or their website to tell somebody about this problem. I don’t think I can take the aggravation anymore. Expensive as hell and absolutely the worst customer service I’ve experienced, anywhere, anytime.

  21. How did you manage to talk with a person? I went in circles with the answering system. When I declined the survey the second time I was asked, I was sent into limbo. No recorded voice response, no music, nothing. After 5-10 minutes I hung up. If I said no to the survey the first time, why was I asked again? The only way I could find a phone number was to log into Xfinity Customer Service. Called Tech Support and got same survey question — twice. After the first decline I agreed the second time so I wouldn’t get sent into thin air.

    Spoke with Alicia in Tech Support (finally), who was very helpful and professional. Hopefully, the problem is fixed.



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