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How To Contact ComEd Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

Comed is a utility company in the mid-west United States. They are the largest utility in Illinois. Comed (Commonwealth Edison Company) is part of Exelon. Exelon has operations and business activities in 47 US states, Washington DC and Canada. ComEd’s customer service is available by phone, text, email or us mail. ComEd provides electric utility service to more than 3.7 million customers across Northern Illinois. One of their main competitors is FPL.

Comed Contact Information

The contact phone numbers are listed for the various departments within Comed. They offer phone numbers for residential customers, business customers and those with special needs.
Comed Customer Service: 1-800-334-7661
Comed Business Customers: 1-800-877-426-6331
Office Number: 1-312-394-4321
Exelon: 1-312-394-7398
Fax: 1-312-394-2231
TDD Phone Number: 1-800-572-5789
En Espanol: 1-800-955-8237
Receivables & Billing : 1-800-588-9477
TDD/TDY: 1-800-334-7661
Text Power Outages to: 26633
Call before you dig – Chicago: 1-312-744-7000
Call before you dig Other Areas – 1-800-892-0123
Call before you dig: 811
Pay by Phone – Residential: 1-800-334-7661
Pay by Phone – Business: 1-877-426-6331
Convenience Payment – Residential: 1-800-588-9477
Convenience Payment – Business:1-877-426-6331

Comed Address Information

Comed is located in Chicago, Illinois. They have multiple business locations located throughout Illinois. Their most important mailing addresses are listed below.

ComEd Customer Care

Customer Care Center
P.O. Box 805379
Chicago, IL 60680-5379

Comed Official Websites

Comed’s official website is On Comed’s website, customers can access their account, make payments and read FAQ’s, report outages and problems.


Comed does not publish customer service email addresses. However they do offer a contact us page, where you can submit your customer service issues through a form. You can access that form through this link.
Comed Support & Help
For emailing the Call Before You Dig Program, the email is listed below.
Damage Prevention Email:

Social Media

Comed is a very progressive company and they maintain several social media accounts. Comed updates these accounts very frequently. They use social media to offer promotions, show commercials, offer contests to highlight their brand. Also, they will handle difficult customer service issues using social media. Links to ComEds social media accounts are listed below.

Comed on Facebook
Comed on Twitter
Comed on Youtube

Hints to Reach a Live Person

To reach a life person at Comed customer service, call their custome service phone number and then just do not say anything or push any buttons. Eventually, you will be connected to a live person at Comed.

Customer Service Reviews and Complaints

Comed’s customer service is about average for a utility company. They offer customer service through a their phone numbers, email and social media. They show all of their contact information on their website and they do not try to hide their phone numbers.
However, they are not perfect and they do make mistakes. Please review and rate your customer service experience with Comed below.

ComEd Customer Service

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  1. Com Ed is absolutely horrible and if you dare call to complain all they do is raise your rates!! They just love to screw you over in the same way that Edison did to Tesla. It is ridiculous that we here in Illinois don’t have another option. Isn’t this why they broke up Illinois bell? Maybe instead of posting here, we should post on our congressmen’s page to break up the monopoly and give us a true choice!

  2. I was given this address to concern COM ED’s website not functioning correctly as I continue t get an error message when trying to log on to Payment site. I have an attachment for proof, but it there is not an option for that. It also seems that this reply box may be for something else.

    Could it be a company this large suffers from “Left hand doesn’t know what the Right hand does”?



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