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1-800- 627-4444

Email: [email protected] 1-800- 627-4444

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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1-800- 627-4444

I received a copy of Family Circle but did not order a subscription; please cancel this subscription immediately. The subscription to be cancelled information as it appears on the address label is as follows:

BXBFLKN ************ ECRLOT 0242A**C-050

#CIR1933666321/1# JAN18 XJ99

Please be advised that this magazine was never order and any invoices received will be returned unpaid. Any attempts to bill, invoice or collect also will be reported to applicable Better Business Bureau and other agencies that may assist me in consumer fraud/billing matters. Thank you for your immediate termination of this subscription.

Hello Peggy,

The toll free number for family circle is 1-800-627-4444.

Hope this is a help. Good luck. Customer service is

awful. I will cancel when my subscription is up.


I have tried numerous times to e-mail, call and I think writing to you would not even be recognized by your company. My subscription is slowly being shortened. First it was scheduled to expire June 18, then I received another magazine and label reads expiration May 18. Now the latest magazine reads expires April 18. Soon I will be finished a year earlier. I have been subscribing to Family Circle for more years than I care to remember. However, I will not renew again. This matter should be adjusted and my expiration date should read June 18..

This is because right now I have just lost my job,I’m going to cancel out for now til later on down the line ok.So sorry did enjoy your magazine.Hopefully things will get better for me if I can find a job pretty soon.

I send 13.98 for2 years on 11-17-2016 did not get one Magazine yet do i get one before Christmas. Thank you

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