hhgregg Customer Service


How To Contact hhgregg Customer Service

Retail Store Customer Service Call: 1-800-284-7344



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  1. HHGregg will NEVER get my business again! My husband and I own a 2nd home in Florida and bought a new frig online which we had planned to have delivered on Dec 27. Their “Customer NON-service” department cancelled the order saying that the product was not available (because they were giving a good discount!). We went into the HHGREGG in Jacksonville who were happy to sell us the frig that we were told was out of stock, but they still had not refunded our purchase! After nearly an hour on the phone trying to work this out, they “removed a hold” on our refund but would not assist us in buying the product locally. It is now DEc 4 and they STILL have not refunded our money. We purchased the new frig elsewhere and I will encourage others to never buy from this company again.

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