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How to Contact Hisense TV Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-447-3673

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9 Responses

  1. Necesito usar la garantia de mi television..me manda informacion de un tecnico en la ciudad de Puebla por favor

  2. Received an upgrade notice but can not get it to upgrade and it won’t let me cancel. Changed batteries in remote thinking perhaps that was the problem, but had no luck.

  3. Hi my name is Jackie brought Hisense TV with built in ROKU now it want work any more, it with not connect with the internet anymore it was work find but not anymore. model number is 40h4c and s/n number is 40j142212h03803, I brought Hisense TV with built in Roku July 29 2014 at best buy. I REALLY LIKE THAT ROKU TV please help

  4. would like a manul to put my dvd in service all tvs in the past sends amanul why are you people not sending manuls do not like this way will not reccomend you in the future !!!!!!

  5. My remote control to my television isn’t working and I still have a warranty on my television so I was trying to see if I could get another one

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