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How To Contact Larson Doors Customer Service

Larson Doors are known for being of top quality and very durable.


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  1. I have been trying to get in touch with Larson Doors because my door has a defect in it. I cannot get in touch with anyone at all to remedy this situation. I ALWAYS get the recording that says the wait time is more than 30 minutes. All I want is for them to replace the defect in the top glass of my storm door.

  2. Best customer service I ever dealt with. I had a little trouble

    Getting a hold of them but when I did they wre nice

    And sent me a part in two days to my house.

    Their doors easy to install and look great

  3. I agree! Do not buy a Larson door. The one I bought was defective. I can not get through to customer service. It’s the latch that holds the screen up. Thre was no way of telling before I installed the door. I called the store I bought it from, they talked to a rep. said I have to bring the door back. I have to uninstall it myself and exchange it. That is not a good option to me. I paid so some to help me put it up, now I have to pay again plus the inconvinence because of a bad product. Do not EVER buy a Larson door.

  4. Larson pet doors are supposed to be very high quality according to Lowe’s so I bought one for approx $300. What they don’t tell you is the Larson door handles are built to fail and Lowe’s does not stock replacement parts. The Lowe’s door guy told me he sees a very high amount of handle failures after my handle fell on the floor.

    Larson Customer Service is a prompt telephone message or a Live Chat. Either one is a joke when you need to speak with someone.

    So, $29 and two weeks delivery later I have decided……..No more Larson doors for me!!!

    That’s pretty sad.

  5. The service here is pretty bad. Also,replacement parts should be sold in stores such as Lowes. The doors are sold in Lowes. However, in order to receive a replacement part you are placed on hold for an extended period of time. What happened to customers are always top priority? Again, very poor service. I will never purchase your brand name door again.

  6. I will never buy a Larson door again nor recommend it. I try to reach customer service and I alway get the message to call back our use or automated service. Now I called back at their beginning operating hour. And still could not reach them. Now my screen is totally messed up and I can’t get no help. I will have to probably buy a new screen door. And I will search high and low to avoid Larson

  7. I bought storm door #37007032 with cross bars. I expected real cross bars, not paint on the glass, that will probably come off when I wash the windows.

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