Metro by T-Mobile Customer Service Phone Number


Metro by T-Mobile Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

Metro by T-Mobile was formerly Metro PCS. They are offering T-Mobile‘s fast network and new mobile plans. Plans that include unlimited data, free Amazon Prime and Google One. Metro works with the Apple iPhone, Android by Motorola and Samsung.

Metro by T-Mobile Phone Numbers

Customer Service: 1-888-863-8768

From Mobile: *611

Mobile Bill Payment: *99

Asurion Insurance: 1-866-862-3397

Metro by T-Mobile Address:

Metro by T-Mobile Bill Payment
PO Box 5119
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119

Metro by T-Mobile General Mail
PO Box 601119
Dallas, TX 75360

Metro by T-Mobile Website for Help

Metro by T-Mobile Help Page

Metro by T-Mobile Customer Service


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  • I like to report a stolen phone. It happened today when me, mum, and my brothers were going to london bridge station all the way to greenhithe station. As sson as we got off, my brother was looking for his phone and he couldn’t find it so we informed the polie and they seaid that they will inform us as soon as possible

  • My phone hasn’t been working , and it logs me out of my apps. Also when I wanna open an app it exists me out. It gets annoying

  • You opened a new store in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Fulton and Garfield and they are selling drugs there. now wonder your reviews are so bad!!!!!

  • I am in keywest my phone has not been working properly no signal over a week now its unfair pl look into it and its not me alone

  • horrific rip off sold used phone said it was new & could not activate was att&t phone

  • In fact, it do not depends on MetoPcs, but on the Call centers servicing them. Each call center receives from Metro a “script” or a “guide” on how to answer your calls, but calls centers just LOVE to do additions on it. That´s why sometimes you hear the robotic “It´s a great day in MetroPCS…My name is Juan ID 9999 ” …and sometimes you only hear a simple ” Hi! I´m Albert employee 9898″. Metro currently is proposing a “script-free” dialogue BUUUUUUTTT … at the same time, Call Centers REQUIRE they CRS to acomodate their NAME and ID, also, to call the customer by name AT LEAST ONCE, to ask for your pet´s name, your children age or about your health or the weather on your location (AND THIS IS FOR REAL!) the petulant phrase ” DID I ADDRESS ALL YOUR CONCERNS ON TODAY´S CALL?”, also to avoid such terms as “refresh”, “device”, “bad”, “wrong”, “unable”, “flash”, “extension”, “supervisor”… all of this at the same time they fullfill your request ..IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. Any of you, try to do it on a person who call Customer Service …AND DO NOT REMEMBER THEIR OWN PHONE NUMBER, THE NAME ON THEIR ACCOUNT OR THEIR PASSWORDS!!

  • this is a ripoff don’t spend your money the phones don’t work and customer service is non-exsiting. don’t walk run away from this company.

  • Why is it so flipping hard to pay your flipping bill online? YOu have the least user friendly site EVER.

  • I purchased my phone march 6 2014 and paid my first month. Today I received a text message saying my bill is due today, march 22 2014. It has pbviously not been a complete month ay I get help on how to fix this problem, I need my service and want what I paid for!

  • I can’t click a lower dot. Why would a company that spends millions in advertising hide from their customers? My PCS smart phone disconnects me; say’s it doesn’t know me when I call customer service. Try to find a phone number for a problem? If you get one it doesn’t go anywhere; just a recording that disconnects you at the end. I can call the Pentagon and get in easier..

    Listen to the recorded message; it points to the great value in being a Metro PCS customer and using the recorded system. Really? What value do you give the hour I’ve spent trying to reach a live person? None; this will be my last month in this nonsense.

  • There is no way to contact a real person, even when it says there is one there 24 hours a day. Paying on the internet has been easy, but the screens have changed asking for a password and then it asks for an answer to a question, but does not give the question. It is really inconvenient to go into the store to pay. I would like to pay over the phone or on the internet. But can not reset my password without an answer to the question.. . of which I do not know the question. Clean up your act!!!!!!

  • I have a Nokia Lumia 521 within the one month I have had this phone the screen freezes and locks up to where I have to remove the battery. I can’t charge my phone while it is off. When I cut it off and plug the phone up it shuts back on. If I’m having these problems already and I haven’t even dropped the phone yet. It’s not worth it I want a new one.

  • an associate of mine, she tried to unlock my phone,to see whatever she wanted to see and in the process,my phone patterns dont appear,i do not have a google account yet for this phone, so i need assisstance getting my phone operational, i will sincerely appreciate your help thank you verry much.

  • I have an Optimus LG LTE F6 phone which is a piece of crap. It is not fast and it its always telling me I do not have enough storage space even though I don’t have hardly any apps on it. All I do is talk and text and today when I tried to use it it gave me this message “Unfortunately, the android phone has stopped. Im paid up to the 25th of this month but I need to get rid of this crappy phone and get something somewhere else. PCS, this is the worst phone in the market and people should know not to buy one ever. . I cannot get customer service as they give me all this other options which do not work

  • If you check my records, you will find since March I haven’t had a decent phone call incoming, outgoing. Your reps in store are quite respectful but keep telling me I have service, I don’t. I think it is time to get off this no so Merry go round. Please contact me at my home phone number so we can talk. Nancy because I cannot talk on my Metro PCS LG

  • Dont carry more than 2G so stop.getting riped off they changed ther home page metro says 4G but if you go to cell towers and your zip code it give a pin .point location and the service who uses towers and signal strenght no wer in northern california or any wer else have more than 2g they use t-mobil go to ther sight says 2G

  • Wow, what’s happened to METRO PCS? Their telephone payment system has been down for over a week. So, I lost service, & went to one of their stores, where I had to deal with an incompetent customer service rep.. As a result of Metro’s lack of a working payment system, I had to pay an extra 3 bucks. They get a big F for failure!

  • My daughter purchased a LG phone for me for mother day and the back button stopped working. I took the phone into a Detroit Metro store and the tech ordered me another the phone because he found it to be defective. I received a text through my phone to be picked up. The tech that was helping was getting ready to give me the replacement phone a manager sitting next to him looked at my phone and decided that the phone had been dropped which it had not. I was accused of something that didn’t happen and was told that I couldn’t get my phone. I would like for someone from corporate to get back with me. I never go to that store but only went because it was close. Never again, they make you wait for long periods of time and they are very unpleasant. Im thinking about going to another carrier.

  • Absolute WORST website & phone support I’ve ever seen! Cant get through on the phone because they have way too many prompts then….no matter what you ask for it just keeps taking you every where but to an actual customer service rep! Can’t make a payment online for the last 2 days because the page won’t load when you click on pay! WTH kind of business is this?! Very sorry I ever allowed my 81 yr old aunt to purchase a phone from here! I will definitely be taking her elsewhere for new service! Metro PCS sucks!

  • Metro PCS is one of the worst companies I have even worked with. It is a struggle to pay my phone bill every month. The on-line bill pay rarely works. Today it charged and then credited my card 4 times. They do not answer when you call and going into a Metro Store is DISTUSTING! The employees are not decent people. Can you say, Hello AT & T?

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