ATT ConnecTech Phone Number


Customer Service Contact Information For ATT ConnecTech Phone Number 1-800-344-1734

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Good Luck! In March, ConnecTech damaged my computer to the point of me having to replace it! They have made several promises, I have seen nothing yet! I was on the phone with them for hours, total NIGHTMARE! I thought AT&T would be providing excellent service, as they have done in the past, ConnecTech is ruining their reputation very quickly! I will never allow them to remote into my computer ever again. To top that off they have my mobile number as a second contact number, and my smart phone started behaving poorly also. Come on AT&T, get REAL! And drop ConnecTech, they don’t know what they are doing, and give you the run around! They mess up your computer, and just leave you hanging, and there several ConnecTech technicians had me in tears, and to top that off, they were actually laughing at me, so uncalled for!!!!!!!

I need help I am a customer and they have always helped system will not let me get through to chat files are saying that I need to update my adobe flash driver but will not let me

The worst service ever!!! I had to purchase another desk top computer due to ConnecTech remoting in on my computer! I would not recommend this service to anyone!!! Very Disappointed! AT&T is a highly reputable company, I had no idea they would allow, or provide this service that is a nightmare! First of all I was misinformed by an AT&T Representative in reference to this service!They have been working on my case since March 2014, still no issues resolved as of May 5, 2014. My experience with ConnecTech, very unprofessional, a RIP OFF! You always end up with someone that doesn’t even speak English, very frustrating!!!!!!! Still waiting for a case manager to return my call!

I am having a battle to get something done. I have called every day for a week and get promises but nothing else. This service is a royal ripoff. ATT should be ashamed to have their name associated with it.

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