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Lyft is a popular ride-share app and service. Drivers connect with riders through a smart device app. Their main competitor is Uber.

Lyft Contact Information

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Lyft Corporate Offices

185 Berry Street

Suite 5000

San Francisco, CA 94107

Corporate Phone: 1-415-230-2905

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Lyft customer service
Lyft Customer Service

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  1. Knowing let someone keep charging to my credit card, emailed several times that someone was charging rides on my credit card they asked for my card information and said that it would be taken care of, then after these email conversations with their help line i got even more charges charged to my card I called the 1-800 for assitance and he confirmed that none of these charges are coming from account with Lyft and then he laughed out a sorry that this is not his department and hung up on me. What kind of service is that? What kind of comany knowingly lets anyone charge to someone else’s account? Had to cancel my account, filed a police report (my own decision to file that, wasnt very helpful either but at least now there is at least 1 police report against them for theft). WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND LYFT

  2. I currently drive for Uber and would like to also drive for Lyft. Applied and had a Mentor meeting, during which he said everything was fine and that I would hear in a day or two that I was good to go. Then he reported to Lyft that my car had “an issue with one or more of the tires or hubcaps”. Getting vague text messages telling me to fix this problem and send them copies of the receipts so I can move forward with the application process. My car passed state inspection three days before this “mentor” meeting, and I have provided a copy of the inspection report to Lyft. Like the customers above, as a potential driver I am getting the same result. Multiple messages sent with no reply whatsoever from Lyft other than continuing to send the automated text telling me to fix the problem and send them the receipts. What problem? If the State approved my tires, why would I go and buy tires just to drive for Lyft? I can’t even find out which tire supposedly needed replacement! I can assure you customers that it is just as frustrating trying to communicate with this company as a driver. I have had great response time when I had issues with Uber. Guess I’ll stay put with Uber!

  3. I work for Lyft in Denver. I have to watch my pay every time I work. They continue to not pay me correctly and then send me an email that I made the mistake. I was offered a bonus to work 4/29/16 of $18. an hours if I worked from 5pm – 7pm. I had 1 trip at 5 and 1 trip between 5 and 6 and 1 trip between 6 and 7 pm. When I checked my pay sheet this am they didn’t pay me the $18 and hour even though I met the requirements. I cleared $5. at 5pm, $4.50 at 6 and $6. between 6 and 7pm at total of $16!!! At 7:05 I clocked off and came in. We don’t make enough money to be cheated out of our pay!!! It cost money to run a car. Gas, wear and tear DOT physicals inspections. I renewed my CDL in October and had my car checked by Lyft in August, sent my dostuffents and they continue to request a copy of both after I sent them the info. I emailed them and told them they have the info. I don’t think it’s cost effective for a driver to work for lyft. Why bother?

  4. I called for a cab twice this evening. When the drivers called me to inform me that they were out side, i came out both times to find both drivers pulling off. i tried to signal both cars and they just sped away. Now i am stuck with a cancellation fee I DO NOT DESERVE. FOR THIS TO BE MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR COMPANY IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!!! i AM NOW STUCK AT WORK BECAUSE OF YOUR DRIVERS AND MY JOB IS ABOUT TO CLOSE WITH NO WAY OF GETTING HOME. YOU SUCK

  5. Hi Vie (Lyft), No response from you addressing my last interaction as follow:

    Thanks for your on-going reply / statement “in the meantime, please reach out with any additional questions or concerns.

    Vie, my driver rating is 4.9 – 5.0, what is the contact information (both via email and phone number) for the department at Lyft Headquarters I can personally contact with the means capable of addressing this crucial inquiry with regards to your understanding with explanation of “The factors and pieces or data are determined by our Headquarters, and I do not have insight into the driver data that is used to make the determination – Average Hourly Guarantee eligibility is determined by Lyft on a week-to-week basis. If you did not receive the email directly from Lyft this week, you are not eligible to participate in this week’s promotion. Driver promotions are intended to grow the driver community in a way that’s best for the long-term health of the Lyft community at large. like most things at Lyft, the decision of which drivers to include in the most recent promotion was driven by a number of factors and pieces of data.

    Still waiting…….

  6. As a Lyft and Uber driver myself, I have to agree that unlike Uber, Lyft is horrible about getting back to their driver’s AND even prospective, experienced ride-share driver-approved prospective drivers via email and like you said there is no phone number for Lyft. I know an experienced Uber driver who was approved and wanted to begin driving for Lyft however, the mentor did not show up for their scheduled appointment and would not call him back. I emailed Lyft on Friday and as of today, Tuesday, haven’t had an answer to my request looking for guidance for the Uber driver. This type of no communication is NOT good for Lyft’s reputation. Finally, like Uber, Lyft is always looking or should I say Hounding Us for more drivers. This is just crazy. Good luck with your situation…I hope they will do the right thing for you.

  7. New driver 2nd ride summary page does not show yesterdays activities emailed three times no response if no response within 24 hours I will delete the app and no more driving for Lyft. You are trying to recruit me from UBER and I”m not impressed by your lack of communication, is this how you treat new drivers ?

  8. Hi, I’m driving for Lyft, but Lyft is not responding.

    Is there a 1 800 number I can call. I missed a half a

    day driving, I need to get back on the road. Thank you

  9. Hi, I’m driving for Lyft, but Lyft is not responding.

    Is there a 1 800 number I can call. I missed a half a

    day driving, I need to get back on the road.

  10. Two problems in two days, neither resolved. Wouldn’t recommend this app — if you’re looking for something, use Uber. Not as many “freebies”, but good and reliable service (which is more than I can say for my experience with Lyft so far).

  11. Been trying for 14 hours to get resolved. My son lost his job because we were depending on Lyft. Cannot speak to a human and their app sucks! States I have a duplicate account and they really do not care. Terrible customer service.

  12. I am finding it nearly impossible to contact lyft with some very important questions I have. I am a new driver in the Portland, Oregon area and there is no available resource that I can locate to help me.

  13. never in all my life working have i had this experiance with a company NO COMMUICATION when you need it

    NO RESPONSE FROM MENTORS NO RESPONSE FROM A LIVING BREATHING PERSON I really see now how they treat their employees I am ready to give UP!!!!!!!

  14. Lyft is a dummy

    Company they will never reply at u

    They ignore and delete ur application

    Once u fail and u can’t do nothing about it

    They discriminate a lot so if u dud not hear nothing from lyft they discrimated against. Ur will and u can’t do nothing about it

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