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Lyft is a popular ride-share app and service. Drivers connect with riders through a smart device app. Their main competitor is Uber.

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Lyft Corporate Offices

185 Berry Street

Suite 5000

San Francisco, CA 94107

Corporate Phone: 1-415-230-2905

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Lyft customer service
Lyft Customer Service

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  1. I would like you to know about an extraordinary Lyft Driver you have in Daion Irvin, working in the Chicago IL area. My son who lives in Chicago left his phone in Daion’s car last night 3/17/18. Daion called me (I live in PA) he worked with me and my son’s roommate to return the phone to my son. He certainly didn’t have to, but he did. He also put me at ease saying that he had driven my son and his friends back to their apartment. I truly appreciate him and wanted you to know what a gem you had in him!

  2. This is the third place I have tried to reach you. I used a Lyft car today but when I called to get a car to return home I couldn’t get anything but the word payment and then I was told to contact customer service where a robot told me my account needed a payment card. I typed in the one I have always used and the robot said that I was charged $71 on Fri.march 2. I never left my home on that date and nobody has had access to my credit card. I am desperate to settle this. PLEASE, PLEASE get in touch with me. The number on my app is but when I am home as I am now and will be tomorrow is or send me an e-mail.

    1. I have begged you to answer my Lyft question and I have not had a reply about a $71 charge that is not mine. Ann Slavick If there was someone to send my frustration at your incompetence you would be reported.

  3. Last night I requested a Lyft home after work as I always do. My phone went dead while waiting on the driver but I knew to look for a Camry and the Indian guy named basheyy or something like that. As he parked and I realized he was who I was waiting on I approached the cat Nd saw the Lyft app open with my information on the screen. So I wave to get his attention and he sees me and drives off as if I’m trying to rob him. He comes around to the opposite side of the street and I approach him again this time in his side so he can hear me tell him I’m the one who requested the ride. But yet again he assumes a black man down town in the pouring rain is trying to rob him. I walked home last night in a severe thunder storm because my job was closed and had no where to go. You charged me a. No call fee which ithheld me from getting a taxi. I would like my money back.

  4. Wanted to know how you charge I was charged got just myself this morning as I payed for 4 people last week I payed 1 price and to day same place to day 2.00 more why?

  5. Drivers are automatically dispatched before the current ride has ended. Piggyback dispatch. I want to shut this “option” off. The option isn’t available/visible on my phone. Call was escalated? to tech sppt. No one has contacted me. This option isn’t included in the online tutorial. All of a sudden this option surprised me. Checked all Lyft emails which I keep… Nothing!

  6. I would like to drive for lift. Using a previous vehicle I went to the inspection site but that particular vehicle was too old, so now I have a newer Toyota Prius and when I went to sign up for inspection but I got a message saying that I’m not eligible it more. I upgraded my vehicle so that I would be eligible to drive with Lyft but now I can’t even schedule an inspection.

  7. You should give them another chance. Most of us are really good people. Once you give a bad review you will never be teamed up with that driver again. He may not have blue tooth or was glitch with system. Remember there are even some bad priests out there.

  8. I am always late for work because when I request a ride the app automatically cancels it and gives me a different driver. So while I get ready for work I’m not watching my phone then they send me someone who is triple the distance away. Then, the driver calls me and says he is too far away and refuses to come pick me up. This stupid app is going to cost me my job!!! Terrible!

  9. Yes I have. They took out 25 dollars TWICE in one week. I calling now to get my money back !!! Who to they think they are taking money out of people’s account without permission? This crap is illegal and if I don’t get my motherstupidg money back I’m pressing motherstupidg charges on lyft!!!! This shxt shouldn’t even be a car service no more ?? tbh

  10. Same thing happen to me. I have two cars would never use a service like this but it seems to me that they must have some bad people working for them because they stole over 350.00 dollars from me on 7/25/16 and 7/26/16.

    Never heard of them before my checking account was drained. If I find him he will wish I hadn’t and I’ll be looking for him. I WILL POST THIS TO MY FACEBOOK AND I HOPE YOU GO BANKRUPT!!!!


  11. As a Lyft Driver, it is very frustrating to drop a passenger off then wait for the next call and time goes by and you’re notified that your satellite has lost contact with Lyft and me the Lyft driver then asks for me to please move to another location where signals are better! I lose gas and valuable time!

  12. On Thursday June 9th I was picked up in NYC by Black Camry T671412C the drivers name was Raji or Raju (Sp) I was on my way to the Jacob Javits Convention Center to deliver a talk in a conference for the Cloud Expo. My bag was already at the center with my belongings. I called a lyft as I often do and was picked up by this car described above. While on the highway he asked if I cancelled the trip. I had no idea why he thought that and asked “why would I be in the car if I cancelled the trip” I then said I can re-enter or do what he needed to make clear I did not want to cancel. He said you cannot do that and you must pay cash. Since I had all my belongings at the JJ Convention Center I explained I could not do this. Even though my credit car is on file with lyft I was forced to leave the car on 56th and 12th ave and I had to then walk to 32nd street. I missed my conference.

    To make matters worse I sent an email to your company and explained that my organization is so angry they are considering a legal action. I heard “NOTHING” from your people.

    I am not someone with spare time to send threatening emails but I can assure you this will not go unanswered.

  13. I used lyft to go to a mall both to and from. When I looked at my charges I was charged for a ride at 3PM when I never used their service at that time. Trying to get a refund is a bummer!

  14. My debit card was charged $25 and then $19.87. Never been a member or a passenger. Like the other disgruntled writers on this page, can’t talk to anyone but received response from Andrew who is probably none existent. Couldnt get any joy so my bank cancelled my account for security reasons. So bloody inconvenient for something I didn’t authorize. LYFT no thanks I’d rather walk….

  15. Help! What am I doing wrong? My driver was going the wrong way. I called and texted. When he texted me back he said to cancel the ride. I did. Lyft asked me why. I said why. Then I could not go beyond that page. I wanted to order a new ride. It would not let me. I called Uber. I had a problem. by then I was late for work although I should have been 20 minutes early. I had to call in sick.

  16. I used Lyft for the first time.When I put in for the $50 credit for the first ride I was told I was ineligible.Why?? i guess I have to go back to Uber.

  17. Hello my name is Anthony and I was approved too become a driver for lyft over 2 weeks ago and when I try and go on the app. lyft sends me a e-mail to get in contact with customer care, I have tried numerous times to send e-mails and I still haven’t received any response can someone direct me in the right direction so I can start working, Thank You….

  18. I left my phone and property a backpack in a left drivers ?? well the driver drove off as I speaking and told him please don’t leave I’ll be back in 5 mins..please help me retrieve my belongings. Tim

  19. Why is it impossible to talk to anyone there?

    I’ve had numerous fraudulent charges. If we can find out the pick-up address, we can bust this crook.

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