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United Parcel Service (UPS) was Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS has grown into a $49.7 billion corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling commerce around the globe. Today UPS is a global company with one of the most recognized and admired brands in the world. We have become the world’s largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. Every day, we manage the flow of goods, funds, and information in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

UPS Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address

55 Glenlake Parkway, N.E.

Atlanta, GA 30328 USA

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  1. UPS smashed a $5000 computer I shipped. It was insured. No UPS phone number has access to insurance claim resources. They will not respond to saying “customer service” or “operator”. UPS has all phone access to insurance claim info and people completely cut off. Web site says to log in. Web site is unresponsive and freezes upon trying to create an account. DO NOT use UPS for shipping. They have made many recent changes. They have installed new automated sorting equipment at key hubs. This equipment is problematic and is abusing, slamming, and smashing the packages. (This info is from a long time UPS employee). Meet the new UPS! They still love your money, but rest assured, they hate your guts.

  2. Sir: or Madam, 12/04/2018
    I received a parcel from ups on nov 30 1918
    gave the driver a return parcel, to lex 2 E1 amazon return
    201 S chicago ave Box 515 Saint Anne IL,60964
    Amazon has not received the parcel

  3. I went to mail a package for my sister for Texas on 11/08/14 and they charge me 65.00 dollars for the small package and guaranteed to be delivered on time . I paid the fee that they ask but did not give the service guaranteed that they promised . The staff did not write the information correctly that is why the package was delayed.. The word sorry is not really helpful … They should really need to double check all the information correctly before they sent the package ..its unacceptable and very inconvenient. I will not go to ups again ..

  4. I am so irritated with the UPS MI service, and the fact users (web merchants) do not properly indicate this is the service that will be used.

    Nice going UPS you partnered with a service that has seen a dramatic drop off of business related to bills and payments of yester-year now there main job is to deliver junk mail.

    Now UPS is “partnering” with a dieing service to deliver a packages at snail mail speed.

    If UPS thinks this is a great idea there could be a requirement, encouragement that users of the smashing service have to indicate this. I can assure you in my case I will pay the little extra to avoid getting the Post Office involved!!

    Come on UPS this is not Georgetown not everybody will drink the kool-aid. If its such a GREAT Idea make this service available to all, instead of hiding it. I called UPS Customer Service and you might have thought I was asking about a Pink Elephant.

    If you are unsure of my bias, I’ll make it simple. I dislike this service because it has poor performance. Regardless of price. If I wanted slow service I will use USPS at least I know what I am getting.

  5. As a former UPS employee in the Finance Dept. You have legal recourse? There are however limitations and statues but if you want to know more about what rights you have please feel free to email me.

    Please accept my condolences on behalf of my former employer UPS. If you wish you could email me at

  6. Today I received a gift that was delivered by UPS. The box was not only wet and torn open on one side, but

    was also caved in on that side. What is particularly annoying is that the driver turned the box on the porch

    so that the destroyed side was up against the wall and could not be seen. He rang the bell and I went to

    the door just in time to see him racing to his truck and hightailing it out of here. I always thought UPS was

    a great company to ship things, and I ship a fair amount of gifts, etc. This delivery is being taken care of

    by the company that sent it and thank them very much. They are replacing the items that were destroyed.

    Apparently you get off scott free most of the time judging from comments I have read. I won’t be using

    UPS in the future and will make sure anyone sending me gifts will follow my lead.

  7. UPS DRIVERS ARE LIARS! When I called Customer Service to know where my package is, CS said that the driver is around my area and will deliver my package tonight. That was 8:15 pm. After I hanged up my phone, I saw 2 UPS trucks park across my street. I thought that I will receive my package in a few minutes. I went downstairs to make sure that the main door is open and I even saw my neighbors seated on the steps outside my apartment building waiting for their ride. I didn’t see any UPS driver cross the street and deliver my package. The 2 trucks left one after the other after 15 minutes. I thought that some other UPS truck will come by and deliver my package. Out of curiosity I checked UPS’ website if there is any update on my package. There was a new information! It says, “At 8:20 pm, the receiver was not around to receive the package.” How can this be? The main door is open. I checked the main door several times to make sure that it is open. Nobody knocked on my door. I don’t even see a notice posted on the main door. How can the driver say that the receiver is not available?

  8. UPS this is for the Alexandria, La. office and I am talking about the drivers you send out to Simpson, La.

    I have lived on this same hill since 1959 and up untill the last several years the UPS driver were fantastic. The drivers stayed the same for years and got to know everyone out here they delivered too. Just a few minutes ago my neighbor drove down the road to bring our package. The driver sit the package on their carport and knocked on the door. The lady was about 20 feet from the carport door and by the time she walked to the door the driver was driving off. I am sitting here looking at my computer is stilling telling me that the package is still in transit. We have a large sign at the end of our driveway with our name in large letters that is straight across from the shorter drive of our neighbor. So they don’t have to drive further down a muddy drive they stop at the neighbor’s house. Everyone out here talks about how the drivers put the packages down and knock on the door and run for their trucks and are driving off before anyone can open the door. This has been done several times by the UPS drivers. Several months ago I was waiting for a package and my neighbors were on vacation. They returned home a week later and guess what my package was sitting on their carport for days. I have another package to be delivered in 2 days by UPS, I will be waiting to see if its another driver and he or she can read our sign and drive down our driveway and not expect our neighbor to deliver the package to the right house. It is really sad that now days our companies hire so many people that have no pride in the job they do. Lets see if the customer service folks even read these comments. Gail

  9. We were heading towards Ohio from Virginia Thursday night I forgot to keep my husbands meds….my brother shipped it on Friday from Virginia(overnight delivery)so that we can get it on Saturday but when driver gets to the office it was closed I called customer service that he needs to take meds tonight so if its convenient I can get it from any UPS store location in Ohio, he said its our policy we have to deliver the parcel,no one can come to pick it up if its for shipping on particular address let me locate the driver please hold on so he answered me its an exception for us and also its Saturday so we will give you a favor to send driver back to the address. After 1 hour my husbands text he received meds…thankful for the entire UPS team

  10. I was supposed to receive a package on 04/10/2014. Even though someone was home sitting in a chair just to the left of the door the tracking number said there was no one there to receive the delivery. They will deliver the next day, no big deal. So, on 04/11/2014 there would be a second attempt. My dad stayed home all day so that there would be someone to receive the package. Personal choice certainly, we could have made other arrangements. However, because he was there, at 8pm, when the package had still not arrived I went online with the first attempt UPS info notice to check the status of the package. Imagine my surprise when it said that a second attempt was made and no one was there to receive it. The website said the attempt was made at 5pm. A time that both my dad and I were home. There was no second attempt info notice left on the door, because no one ever showed up. I am very upset. Some one lied and said they attempted delivery when they didn’t. Either that or took it to the wrong address. Whichever it may be it is still an inconvenience. I have arranged to pick it up because the final attempt at delivery is supposed to be Monday. No one will be home. Now I won’t get my package until Monday. I was planning on having that package for the weekend. Now I won’t. Whoever was sent out to “deliver” it should be identified and properly counseled because saying an attempt was made and it wasn’t is extremely dishonest behavior and I wouldn’t want that person working for me. The only reason I am even writing this review is because of that alone. I’m hoping that person is identified and taken care of, not because I think UPS is a bad company.

  11. During the last delivery (3-22-14) the truck attempted to turn around in a driveway meant only for a car. The truck drove off the driveway onto the soft lawn digging and rutting up the lawn, and drove onto a walkway recently installed sinking one of the cement walkway squares. This is the second time it has done exactly the same type of damage. There is no phone number for complaints.

  12. I am a registered nurse that was hired through an agency in June 2014 for the 0346 IL district. I was hired with another nurse Scott Peavie. He was fired by UPS to be informed he was fired because he was overweight. He was fired by Jill Cutaiar Region HR manager in Aurora IL. After he was let go I was informed I was to cover his assignment as well as my own until another nurse was hired. I was told by Jill he was let go because he didn’t follow up on something which was not true he was told he didn’t present well to help encourage and mentor the drivers to loose weight to avoid further health complications. Jill hired a new nurse and moved me from my set location in Addison after being there one month to Jefferson st Chicago location which is 55 miles one way from my home. I had to get up early and had only time on the weekends for self care, as I was told to accomplish all the work but could only bill for 8 hours. I was asked to go through the MAP process to be a permanent UPS employee but to do that I had to work out of the Chicago office. UPS is safety conscience and all about reducing risks, I did tell them this increased my risk as a single mother of two as the location that I was told I had to be at 5 days a week was 30 miles farther than were I was working and that Palatine was even closer to me. Their current occupational health nurse was allowed to stay in Wisconsin and work out of that office even though her territory was Palatine, and the Northbrook IL area much closer to me. I had to return to Addison to assist the new nurse and in doing that had to call the service center to check on my management assessment process, she informed me Jill Cutaiar had asked her to complete this as well. Definitively not what she told me that the contract was at the Chicago location and to be a UPS employee the nurse chosen would have to work from that location. I asked about this and was told that is the way it is, we need a strong nurse in Chicago. The day prior to thanksgiving I missed a stair on the 3 flight stair to come down from the 3rd floor where our offices were. I was refused care at a UPS clinic as I was told I had to use personal health insurance. I informed the clinic I would move my visit up to Monday as my ankle was very swollen and sore and I couldn’t afford a hospital visit with the 6000.00 dollar deductible I had with my health insurance as I have to daughters in college. I called Jill the Region HR manager to give her my restrictions which took me off two weeks or could work remotely. She then stated I needed to make arrangements to meet her in a neutral location to return UPS laptop and cell phone as I couldn’t work remotely. I gave her a day my boyfriend could drive me to bring it to her. The following day she and a security officer from the Palatine office called to harass me regarding the equipment to tell me they were on their way to my home to retrieve their equipment as there was a protocol when someone is off on disability that the equipment be returned. I know this to not be truthful as the nurse in place when I was contracted had a week and a half that she was off for a disability and she was allowed to keep the equipment and work from home. I am being discriminated against due to the work comp injury. Jill did ask us all that she supervised to work from home the Friday after thanksgiving to assist operations, but now with the work injury that isn’t possible. I have also been spoken to the one time my weekly time was over 40 hours even though I am routinely gone 12-14 hours a day between extra work and travel and am not allowed to bill for it. She has not been a very good manager at all. The district has an I Care attitude that she has not displayed to me, nor Scott as he was overweight so couldn’t do the job even though all operators responded positively to him. I have contacted an attorney as they are now sending a prepaid envelope to return the equipment when it will be returned when I should be ready to return to work. I asked for the reason for termination and won’t be given it, as I asked for the personal objects from the office I was assigned the second time and that is not a priority nor was seeing if I was ok with the accident. I would like corporate involvement in this case and to be called.

  13. I know you apparently do not take complaints seriously,howerver,I called and reported a complaints against a driver 4/22/2014.Apparently you gave him my name and address.My complaint was about how fast he drives on our dirt road causing so much dust that it is hard to breath all i wanted was for him to have some consideration for the property tax payers who live on this road {Quartz Road in staples mn} and to simply slow down,well now he is harrassing me by kicking the accelerator down just before getting to our place and dusting even more,i tried to get video of this on my phone but i do have wittness” now today I was in the house when he came by and he had actually slowed,then i went out to check my grill and he was going to turn north he seen me and turned south really kicking the vehicle in hi gear dusting me and he wasn’t done yet.He went quarter mile down road turned around at vacant property and came back north full speed once again dusting us and there by ruining the steaks that were on the grill.I call this harrassment and am going to talk with an attorney about filing a harrassment suit.If you want to knoww the drivers name he is the one who delivers to DND machining on quartz road staples mn 56479.I am serious here because i have had with this dim wit.Apparently these people do what they want to the public and get away with it.Not anymore if I have any say about it.

  14. UPS left my package n the front porch and somebody stole it and I guess they decided it didn’t have anything good in it so they threw it by my neighbor’s garbage that lives down the street. I’m glad she saw it and brought it home! Watch your packages because now I’m afraid to order on line.

  15. We paid nearly $500 to have UPS pack and ship an item half way across the country (USA). The UPS office doing the packing was fantastic. Helpful, capable, polite. But for years the local office has refused to deliver to our door because I complained about the pits and ruts their driver made in my driveway. Their answer? Refuse to deliver rather than drive with care. We received UPS packages here for 5 years with no problems, but for some reason the front office mandated the driver back up our fairly steep drive, and he spews gravel and digs pits when he does. So I complained. And they decided they could no longer deliver to this address. Including the aforementioned package. Not only do we have to go into town to pick up pkgs for which we pay for door-to-door delivery, they always mark the tracking file as “customer notified” without ever doing so. Thus we have to keep careful watch that our pkgs do not get returned to sender. This has happened to more than a couple packages. Finally a year ago we rented a Post Office box and use the USPS as much as possible and UPS Surepost (UPS delivers to PO, PO puts notice in box) when there is no other method. But I was shocked that they pulled their ‘customer asked item to be held’ routine with a $500 order. That wasn’t the cost of the item, that was the cost of the SHIPPING. And still we had to go pick it up. Who knows what they would have done with grandpa’s handmade circa 1950 bookcase had we not been vigilant. My advice: use any other carrier. Any. Other. Carrier.

  16. Two parcel delivery expected Thursday is still not here nor is it at the Richmond warehouse (Friday 2-6 p.m.) No one at warehouse knows where 2 packages are. UPS customer service person was rude and uninformative and refused to give her name or connect me to her supervisor.

    Have called package sender; under no cirstuffstances should anyone use UPS.

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