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The Elizabethan Classics collection provides everything you need to complete the kitchen or bath of your dreams. Classic cast iron clawfoot tubs, acrylic clawfoot tubs, bath faucets, Victorian-style water closets, pedestal lavatories and console lavatories ? all inspired by the days when style was warm, comfortable and appealing with just a flourish of understated sophistication. Old-world charm with contemporary function.



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  1. Greetings! We have an Elizabethan Classics 3VLSA tub faucet with the HSWC hand shower. We are having problems when trying to use the hand shower. Depending on how much water we are allowing through, we are getting pretty severe air hammer knocking. We have installed arresters on the supply lines which seems to have made it worse. Sometimes when we switch the diverted from bath to shower no water comes out of the hand shower at all. It is very frustrating. There are no issues with the tub side of the diverter, only when we try to use the hand shower. What do you think is going on? Thank you!

  2. Did you ever get through to anyone? We are just installing ours and would like any insight you might have. Jackie

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