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How To Contact Fox Sports’ customer service contact information:

  • Phone number: 1-310-369-1000
  • Live Person Hint: Use Chat Box
  • Email: Not available
  • Live Chat: On Contact FoxSports Page
  • Hours: 24/7
  • Address: Fox Sports,10201 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035
  • Website:

Fox Sports customer service team can be reached through the phone number provided above, However, the hours of operation and availability of customer service through live chat or email is not publicly available. They also have a help center on their website where you can find answers to common questions and troubleshoot issues related to their programming, streaming and more.

Fox Sports is a division of Fox Corporation, which is one of the leading providers of sports programming in the United States, it offers a wide variety of sports programming, including live and recorded events, highlights, analysis, and commentary. Fox Sports operates several cable and satellite television channels, including Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, and Fox Sports Networks, which are available to viewers across the United States. Additionally, Fox Sports also offers streaming services through Fox Sports Go, which allows viewers to watch live sports events and programming on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

In terms of competition, Fox Sports faces competition from a variety of sports media companies, including ESPN, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Amazon Prime, and Turner Sports. These companies offer similar services, including live and recorded sports events, highlights, analysis, and commentary.

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Fox sports Go app suddenly stopped working for last 4 days. Just buffers. Tried reinstall, nothing. And no help at this number for Fox. Gonna stick with ESPN app, it runs great.

I can not be the only viewer who misses Tim McCarver. Joe Buck’s broadcasting duo are annoying to say the least. They added nothing to the insights of the game in hand. Their constant talking has resulted in my turning down the volume. Will need to find a radio station carrying these final games of the season while Fox is telecasting the game. Maybe Don Orsillo could be a temporary replacement for the remainder of 2015.

There are many good baseball analysts available. Fox has two strikes when picking Tim McCarver’s replacement.

Baseball fan from Boston since the 50s

Fox Sports Go does not work. My Frontier service rep said it doesn’t work and that they don’t know why. I see many people complaining about about the site and nothing has been done. Why? Don’t you care about your viewers? I like Colin Cowherd very much, but you keep cutting his show off. You did that to Mike Francessa and he left. Why start a brand new show and cut it off. I try to watch it on Foxsportsgo, but it does not work. Please fix the website or I will not watch Fox sports anymore. I am frustrated.

This is crap!! You have the rights to a college football game between two AP Top 20 teams and your playing some garbage baseball game!?! Play the UCLA v BYU game as promised and get rid of this useless baseball game!!!

So it is the 1st Week of Football and you have 3 games on for the 10 AM game but none of them where on tv how stupid can you people be. Why do you have the rights to Air football games when you do not host them? The GreenBay Packers vs Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks vs Saint Louis Rams and Carolina Panthers vs Jacksonville Jaguars-

GreenBay vs Chicago is a Division Rival game which many people enjoy watching let alone green bay has the largest fan base across the United states.

Seattle Seahawks vs Saint Louis Rams is not a very big deal in games wise, but the Seahawks where in the super bowel last year and won the year before so many people would like to watch them play.

Carolina vs Jacksonville is a nothing special game that mostly their fans would watch due to neither being really good for several years.

Why the heck do they NOT switch it from a pointless royals vs tigers game which has no effect on the standings(royals won division and tigers are in dead last place). The game that was supposed to be was between two ranked college football teams (byu vs ucla)

Why did you break up the team of “Kenny, Moose and Goose”. And replace Goose with that awful Laura Okin. You had such a good thing and of course like everything else Fox does, you ruined it!!

My family ànd I were watching the Ranger game on Labor Day then a public service ad ca me on about love knows no gender. I watch baseball be entertained not to be educated. Please sell me a beer, erectile dysfunction, or some product I cannot live without and leave the educating to PBS.

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