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iLive products are specifically designed to work with the Apple iPod and



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  1. I have a 15” portable wireless speaker sound bar model isb150 I have it hooked up to my tv on aux it works for a while and it just shuts off how can I fix this.

  2. I have tried to get answer for a sound bar itb396b which needs a correct set up code number to connect to tv and time warner cable box. The numbers must be sacred. After many attempts with e mail cannot get a response. I am going to return the sound bar if I cannot get a response from ilive tech support.

  3. How do I maintain volume level when turning off and on Bluetooth HD Soundbar Model ITBv1012-01. When turn unit on the sound comes out blasting. It will not maintain setting when turn off and back on.

  4. Just got off the phone with Ilive customer service. Wanted to know why my NEW bluetooth earbuds IAEB34B were not working correctly. The sometimes miss parts of the song like it was losing connection to my phone and playlist. Well the guy in customer support recommended me trying to use them on another device???? I don’t have another spare smartphone laying around. And I’m not switching smartphones to get the earbuds to work right either. Looks Like I’m returning them to the store.

  5. I bought a 37 inch Bluetooth soundbar and after a couple months it would turn on and off by itself. I called tech support and they helped me reset my soundbar. It’s very easy to do and it fixed the problem. Just unplug the soundbar and then hold the power button down for 30 seconds, this will reset the soundbar. Customer service was very helpful.

  6. How can I reach Tech Support?

    I own ‘iLive IHB23B 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers BLACK’. Purchased from Fye. Speakers worked fine for a couple months. Now I’m unable to connect using my cell. It will not connect as Media Audio.

    Any suggestions?

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