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How To Contact KCPL Customer Service

KCP&L (KCPL) Kansas City Power and Light has evolved into a full-service energy provider in Missouri and Kansas.



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  1. I would like to talk to a person, NOT a computerize person. Seems like every time I turn around the lights go off. No storms,wind, lightening or anything, and they go off. This has been going on since your bought the electric company that I had out. Very tiresome. And yet , KCP&L wants a raise to make things better. Wish they would take care of the problems they have. This happened today, 6/15/14. Power was out for over 40 minutes,

  2. We went off power aproximately three weeks ago. KCPL came next day and did a temporary connection saying that an outside wire had broken and they were going to repair it. Since them big holes were done in my yard, big trucks came 5 days in a row (at least 5 big trucks) last week, larger holes were made and them covered…..and still there is a thick black wire lying al over my yard. This is risky when I am mowing the grass and there are big patches left without any grass. My question is: When are they going to dig in that wire? Why nobody form the company contacts me to tell me what is going on? When I try to call them I only get an answering machine.! Is this the way a private company should behave? please somebody from KCPL contact me and tell me what is going on !!! Thanks

  3. I called KCP&L to follow up on a notice I received a few months ago alerting me to the possibility of a rate increase effective October 1. Having heard nothing more and since October is approaching, I called KCP&L at their billing and service information number (816-471-5275) and spoke to a person who could not answer my question but forwarded my call to another line. After listening to the automated phone options, I found myself right back where I started. Subsequent calls yielded no results. What does it take to get an answer to a simple question, an act of Congress?

  4. thursday 3/20 our power was off for more than an hour. Neighbor said he thought they were putting in new meters. After the power was restored we foumd that the power being turned back on had killed our internet modum and shorted out the controls to the compressor in my refrigerator. The repair on the refrigerator was over $300. To say the least I am not a happy camper. We received no written communication that our power was going to be turned off, so now I am out over $300 because KCP & L can’t communicate with it’s customers, nor could I get a live person on the line to vent my frustration.


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