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1-800-992-1997Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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2/27/2017 Dodge - I have a 2015 Challenger SRT and a 2016 Ram 1500.
I have a 2015 Challenger SRT and a 2016 Ram 1500. Both have had paint issues. The Challenger was taken care of after some hassle. Now I'm getting the run around on the Ram. Think I'm done with Dodge products if they can't stand behind what they sell.

AndyRead More
11/14/2016 Dodge - 2nd brake issue on my 12 Grand Caravan. 1st was
2nd brake issue on my 12 Grand Caravan. 1st was at 37 months and 24K miles. (rear calipers locked up). Got 50% coverage after an incredibly arduous and painful process involving not taking no for 5 calls and asking to get escalated. then faxing in a ton of documentation and a number of calls....

Now I have 48K and need all 4 rotors turned and all new pads as they are all under 2mm

DaveRead More
7/16/2016 have a dodge dart 2013 .less than 30,000 miles.
have a dodge dart 2013 .less than 30,000 miles. has been in for warranty work 10 times..a couple times twice for same thing because of shotty repair work. the last time it was in for warranty work they did 4,500.$ of damage to car. put on lift wrong. taking legal route. refusing to give insurance info. dealership owner wont answer calls. will also contact corporate.

annetteRead More
11/10/2015 Dodge - Is cheating your customers, dishonoring your own
Is cheating your customers, dishonoring your own warrants, and using unethical repairmen, worth you losing your whole soul for all eternity??!?!? Surely you know you will have to account for your actions, your riches, and your choices made in this lifetime before our LORD GOD WHO, yes, made even you!! When He created all that is created.. AMEN. I sure hope you can tell me what's causing this oil leak, I checked the other culprits, but still don't know what's causing it. Can you give me some, (or just one, ) suggestions?? Thanks for all your help...

AlabamaHottie100Read More
11/3/2015 Dodge - Window won't roll up on drivers side. In warranty
Window won't roll up on drivers side. In warranty and I have to wait 3 weeks to get into the dealership to have it looked at. Wow Ram 1500

TomRead More
6/2/2015 Dodge - To whom it may concern, Only one more service
To whom it may concern,

Only one more service in 1500 miles and then, Bye Bye Courtesy Dodge. It can't happen soon enough.

Thank you, Service Manager!!!

Ray Dillinger

RayRead More
2/24/2015 Dodge gets one star from me by default. it
Dodge gets one star from me by default. it wouldn't let me put none or a negative there. I am the not so proud owner of a 2014 Dodge 2500 ram pickup with 9200, yes ninety two hundred, miles on it. For the fourth time, i am having serious brake issues with the vehicle. I have a case worker, who I've left several messages with and hasn't returned my calls. I got another case worker by phone to be told that their system is doing an unexpected update and it would at least an hour or more before they could do anything. I have been without this vehicle for 30 days so far, and it has to go back again. Roadside assistance is a joke, and refuse to tow the vehicle to the dealer that has been working on it. I've been extorted on three occasions to drive the vehicle without brakes to the dealer or pay an outrageous fee for the tow. My only thought now is to hire an attorney and try to press the lemon law. It's not like i have deep pockets, and its putting a hell of a strain on my wallet.

Terry JohnsonRead More
11/7/2014 My elderly dad 81 years old purchased a 2012 Dodge
My elderly dad 81 years old purchased a 2012 Dodge Ram in Feb of 2013. It had 100 test miles on it and he paid cash for it. On 091614 he noticed the airbag light on and took it to the dealership where he bought it. The automotive technicians were unable to repair it, so dodge sent 3 engineers to assess the situation. They have been unable to figure it out either. It is now 110614 and the truck is still in the shop in pieces. He called Dodge today to check the progress and they told him that there is nothing they can do. So now he has no vehicle and paid $26,000. The dealership offered him $5000 for a trade in for a new one. This is unbelievable . I have contacted the attorney general and the media in Houston and hope they can get some resolution. Before this I also purchased a Dodge Ram as well since I really loved it. I plan on selling it and tell everyone I come into contact with about this situation. If you are thinking about buying a Dodge DON'T!!!!!!

darlene pietschRead More
10/22/2014 Dodge - I am the owner of a 2011 Ram 1500. For the past
I am the owner of a 2011 Ram 1500. For the past four months I have been trying to get an answer from my local Dodge dealer (Bradford, Pa ) regarding bubbling that is occurring on the drivers side front fender. I have called the service manager three time and stopped in on another occasion to find out if Dodge had made a decision about it being repaired. He keeps telling me that Dodge has not got back to him yet. I don't agree with this excuse. Two local body shops have already looked at it and agreed that it was a prep issue when the truck was first painted new. I keep my cars and trucks in very good condition and this is not what should happen after three years of owning it. The cost to me in order to have this repaired is $1000.00. Can someone please contact me regarding this issue. I have owned several Dodge/Chrysler cars and trucks over the past twenty years. But this may be my last. I'm very disappointed in the service this time around.

BrianRead More
8/15/2014 Dodge - 2011 Ram 1500 4X4 BighornALL OF THE FOLLOWING
2011 Ram 1500 4X4 Bighorn
where they fail to properly serve their largely Military customer base by over charging and not properly honoring warranty issues.
4600 miles had to have the whole front end replaced. they had it for two weeks and I had to pay for my own rental car because they wouldn't give me a loaner.

The main number for Chrysler customer service wouldn't pay for my rental or get me a loaner from the dealer

take it later on for an oil change and they tell me my hood struts (little shocks that hold up the hood) are out and to bring it back. When I brought it back they told me I was just out of the warranty and they refused to fix it.
Once again even the Main customer service line at Chrysler refused to do anything.

67,000 miles the whole top end of the engine had to be replaced. Once again they wouldn't give me a loaner and the main Chrysler customer Service line wouldn't do anything either.

Chrysler customer service is a joke, how are you going to point out a warranty issue with my vehicle and tell me to bring it back so you can fix it and then when I bring it back refuse to honor the warranty item that YOU pointed out.

JustinRead More
8/12/2014 I have a Dodge Dakota Sport truck,bought it new
I have a Dodge Dakota Sport truck,bought it new 2000, I have almost 300,000 miles on it LUV my Truck!!!! only had to rebuild transmission, last yr. it saved my life twice. still runs, just painted again, like new. Best truck in the world for me!!! Thanks Dodge

RichRead More
5/2/2014 i have a 2002 dodge caravan se and it rusting out
i have a 2002 dodge caravan se and it rusting out so bad so i look at some more car and van and i see no rust but i see rust on the caravan my hood is also rusting out and i do not have the money to fix it but i take good care of my caravan so i am asking dodge to fix it because it not safe. bad bad

docRead More
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