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FedEx® Customer Service Phone Number:


Fedex offers a complete package of worldwide shipping options. They offer transportation, e-commerce and business services. Divisions include Fedex Express, Ground and Freight.

FedEx Corporate
3875 Airways, Module H3 Dept 4634
Memphis, TN 38116 USA

Fedex Hours
Monday to Saturday: 24 hours

More Fedex Phone Numbers
Fedex Express: 1-800-988-1888
From Mobile: 1-400-886-1888
Tech Support: 1-800-820-1336
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-463-3339
U.S. International Customer Service: 1-800-247-4747
TDD: 1-800-238-4461
Hearing Impaired Relay Desk: 1-800-464-0709
US Billing Department: 1-800-622-1147
Cargo Claims: 1-800-463-3339
U.S. FedEx Express Freight Services: 1-800-332-0807
Fedex Sameday: 1-800-399-5999
Fedex Canada: 1-800-463-3339

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-463-3339 Say "representative" at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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10/12/2016 FedEx - My FED Ex delivery driver refuses to follow our
My FED Ex delivery driver refuses to follow our delivery procedures for our company therefore refuses to deliver our packages to us and claims they are UNDELIVERABLE because no one was around to sign. Yet every single time we are here and able to sign. PATHETIC!!! We are now refusing any deliveries ourselves from FEDEX and have set up an account using UPS. UPS has no issues with our procedures.

Small Business Owner Read More
10/11/2016 FedEx - Merchandise was not delivered to my home even
Merchandise was not delivered to my home even though email confirming delivery was sent to me. I asked all nearby neighbors and no one had seen it. i paid the shipper. I paid fedex. I got nothing. Fedex said i needed to provide written proof from the shipper that they would not seek refund from fedex before Fedex would follow up on my claim. Fedex dropped the ball on this. I will not be willingly using Fedex for any shipping in the future. Claim # 0917615076.

Michael Read More
6/3/2016 FedEx - Just traveled across country and back in a
Just traveled across country and back in a motorhome and learned that Federal Express truck drivers are the best and most courteous truck drivers on the road. Ironically the worst are UPS drivers, their competitors.

John Read More
5/3/2016 FedEx - This is a sorry service, been lied to several
This is a sorry service, been lied to several times about a return pick-up service, still same old stuff, item has been setting for 3 days without a pick up. These are important papers needed immediately for a realestate transaction, but they do not seem to care !!!!!!!!!

Dick Read More
5/2/2016 FedEx - I mailed a package to my father for his birthday.
I mailed a package to my father for his birthday. Due to a family situation in which my step-mother goes ballistic if I send him anything, I clearly addressed another location for my present to be mailed so my father would recieve it without issue.

Well, apparently the driver didn't want to go out of his way to make the delivery which was in the country, so he took a short cut and delivered to my father's business WHERE MY STEP MOTHER works. Major fallout!

I believe these drivers should deliver to the address on the package!! Unbelievable!!!

Rhonda Read More
1/10/2016 This is an extremely serious issue that requires my doing more than complaining to FedEx
I receive a compounded medicine every month from a pharmacy 100 miles away.The pharmacy insists on using my home address rather than my P.O. box number, which means I always request that I sign for any package being delivered. My home is 500 feet from my roadside mailbox. I found the package (#7753 5662 5215) today in my mailbox, which I do not use because it is on a busy roadway and people steal from the mailboxes. The medicine is a cream that was in that metal mailbox with a temperature of 21 degrees last night. I will have to determine if its composition has been ruined by its being in freezing weather. I have no idea how long the package was in the mailbox.

Next, I have been expecting a keychain remote pad from my home security company. I found that package (#7820 9043 6812) also in the mailbox, along with my medicine. I have no idea how long that package was in the mailbox. Had anyone decided to take my mail, they would have been able to disarm my security system. (It doesn't take a brain to figure out to press the unlock button on the remote pad.) This is an extremely serious issue that requires my doing more than complaining to FedEx.

Background information: I know the agent avoids coming into my 500' driveway because she got her truck stuck in mud after an 11-inch rain two months ago. China Spring Road is being widened and the construction crew has dug up 100 feet of my gravel driveway, as well as all of the asphalt drive area in the wrecker service business next door to me. If she had delivered the medicine to my door, as I had requested, I could have told her how to turn her truck around and head out of the driveway. Instead, she left the package in my garage, from which she could see my front door, and BACKED OUT of the 500 feet of driveway. When she got near the roadway, she decided to turn left into the wrecker service area and cut across their drive area but there was a curb still left under all the mud. She dug the wheels into the mud trying to get over that curb. Fortunately, the wrecker service people pulled her out of my driveway. I had driven to the entrance of my driveway, not knowing she was stuck there because I had errands to run. She declared there was no place to turn around in front of my garage and that's why she backed out. Indeed, there is plenty of solid areas in which to turn around in front of my garage. (I drive a Dodge Ram heavy duty truck, which was in the garage, and I certainly don't back out 500 feet to reach the roadway when it rains here.) For the next package to be delivered, SHE CALLED and asked that I meet her at the entrance to my driveway, which I did. She left the next package (the components of a new home security system) with the wrecker service and they called me. She left a third package (medicine) after that with the wrecker service. There were no phone calls about leaving the packages with the neighbor. There were clearly no efforts to deliver the packages to my home in the DRY weather.

I will be turning in this complaint to the Texas State Attorney General's Office for Consumer Affairs and to the Better Business Bureau. Your agent's behavior isn't just unacceptable. It's potentially harmful (with ruined medicine) and dangerous (with my security system key).

Nakonia Read More
1/5/2016 FedEx - Waited for a Fed Ex package today
Waited for a Fed Ex package today. My wife and I and our dog were all at home. I decided to check the tracking on the internet about 8:25 am and to my surprise I read that the driver was at my door at 8:21 and no one was home. We never heard him knock. I talked to several FedEx agents starting at about 8:30 am to get my package delivered to no avail. They could have called him since he could be no more than ten minutes away he could have returned with my package but that is against their policy.

George Read More
1/2/2016 FedEx used to be the "go to" guys. What happened?
Pending approval by the webmaster? You mean sanitized! Hypocritical. I paid 9.99 to be sure my grandsons would have their toys by Christmas. Toys"R" Us sent the package out on December 19th. I was given to understand the toys would be here by December 24th. The package arrived December 28th or 29th. I'd like my $9.99 back. If I want lousy service I can always use your main competitor (the brown one). FedEx used to be the "go to" guys. What happened?

joyce Read More
12/26/2015 FedEx - Liars and horrible service send regular mail
Liars and horrible service send regular mail before them

marlene Read More
8/24/2015 Tried to call you 1800gofedex number
Tried to call you 1800gofedex number and get information concerning the delivery of a package. Could not understand the young lady that answered the phone and requested to speak to a supervisor whom I also could not understand. Spent 17 minutes on the phone and did not get an answer to any of my questions. Could be that the call center is located in Mexico.

Tried to call your hot line number 18009881888 and to my surprise the call could not be completed.


William Read More
5/28/2015 FedEx - Sorry service. I have been LIED too several times
Sorry service. I have been LIED too several times over on delivery of packages. I have asked for a later delivery time and they tell me that the driver is in my area ONLY in the mornings. So I've been home all day waiting for a morning delivery which could be delivered as late as 8 o-clock tonight. I think they are just LIARS the customers center representatives will tell you they are going to send a message and some one will call you within 2 hours. That again is a lie. called back in and the 2nd CSR said that there was no notes as to a message being sent. So what do you do???????????? Fed Ex has not been a very reputable and reliable company. I think they just hire people that want a paycheck not a job where they have to work for their money. Sorry Fed Ex you done it to yourself

Almon Read More
3/27/2015 FedEx - Hi i would like to ask if you accept a package
Hi i would like to ask if you accept a package from philippines to Lavrion Greece.for pick up tnx.

gie Read More
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