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How To Contact Bealls Inc. Customer Service

Beall’s, Inc. is the parent company of Beall’s Department Stores, Inc, Beall’s Outlet Stores, Inc., and Burke’s Outlet Stores, Inc. 1-800-569-9038


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  1. Just wanted to let you know what a fine, pleasant staff and store you have in Toccoa, Georgia!! I have shopped there since its opening . The store is neat and tidy, the staff is friendly and always willing to help, the manager is especially so.

  2. I went to bells outlet today and i was looking for cologne for my 18th year old grandsons birthday, i couldn’t tell what smelt good or what to get. Well i saw a girl walking i asked her if she worked here and she said yes what can i help you with. She helped me pick out what went with his theme and what he would like. I would definitely shop at bealls outlet again. I believe her name was Megan, Great shopping experience.

  3. Bealls in Gilmer Texas is AWFUL! The manager “Amy” is rude, condescending, hateful to the other employees who are older than her, and a terrible manager. I heard her telling a sales associate to rearrange all the men’s jeans from light to dark denim on the shelf. As I shopped, I noticed the sales associate working hard on her assignment. As I finished shopping in the men’s department, I overheard the manager griping at her because she changed her mind and now wanted the denim displayed from dark to light. She made this poor girl redo everything she had just done!

    On other occasions when I was in the store, I was told very rudely that they did not carry anything in my size and I was stared at coldly. I wear a size 14.

    This store will never get my business again!

  4. I like to Shop at Bealls Dept., Store. I lime the clothes an items sold. Some of the sales people can be rude, the other sales people which I will report to a higher authority within the Corporation, as this type of behavior Is inappropriate.

  5. I have recently moved and did not know if Bealls had my new address. I went to the local Bealls store this morning (port st. lucie) and asked a gentlemen who was behind the counter (customer service) if I could pay my bill. He said not without the statement. He told me that I could call the number on the back of the card and they would give me the balance amount in order to pay it off. I did not have the statement because of the move but I did have my Bealls card with me. I asked him if he could call the number and find out for me. He did not say a word – took my card – called the number – found out the balance and told me what it was. I was annoyed by his lack of courtesy and asked for the manager. Well, he was the manager. I guess that wasn’t going to help me. I told him that I wanted to cancel my card after the payment was made. He very efficiently wrote down the number to call and said they were closed on Saturday.

    I have never been treated so poorly before in a Bealls store. He politely said was there anything else and I just said to him that he needed a course in customer service. He could not have cared less.

    I will be cancelling my account at Bealls – It’s really sad for one person to be in charge of a store and forget that as customer’s we have the right to be treated with respect.

    It’s unfortunate that an employee like him can spoil the image that Bealls projects.

  6. I visited store # 185 today at 4:11 6/28/2014, I have visited this store in the past and never purchased any merchandise because of the line at the check out. Today I did purchase three small items and waited in line while, two register people left to go on break and one of your associated stood in the cashier area talking to other associates while there were 4 customers deep waiting in line. The cashiers, talked among themselves and didn’t care how many people were in line. When the cashier did finally wait on me she again talked to other associates and went as slow as possible. I will never ever shop in that store again. You don’t care about the customers. When I check out I want to pay for my purchases and leave, not wait around for your cashiers to finally decide to wait on customers. You need a manager in that store that can work,, are all your stores like this? heaven help you. I shop at tjmaxx all the time and never have this kind of problem.

  7. I would like to hear from someone at Bealls regarding a rebate of $40.00 that was not ever paid. I have gone to the store and every time I go I get different answers. I was to to call a certain # and it was a Bealls Canada Warehouse and they told me that they could not handle the problem and Bealls is the one responsible. I have showed receipts, bar codes and I was even told to bring the products and they would cancel the sale and give my money, then then informed me they got a letter from Bealls that it would be taken care of. No correspondence from Bealls at all. I have been ill and in and out of Hospitals just had surgery on March 31. Got a call today to pay my bill and I was to be charged late charges, I had call ahead of time.

    Well I would like late charges from Bealls for not paying me my $40.00 since Thanksgiving. Who do I have to talk to to settle this??????????

  8. I do not shop at bealls at all but the time I did go I signed up for a 3 month subscription and was told my card would not be charged. My card has been charged twice. One magazine for $12.00 and another for $17.50, that much money for one magazine. That’s ridiculous, never again. I’m trying out find out how to unsubscribe.

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