Metro PCS Customer Service


How To Contact Metro PCS Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help.

Metro PCS has no limits talk or text all you want. One Flat Rate (As low as $30 per month). No Contract, First Month Free. No Activation Fee and a State of the art network.

How To Contact Metro PCS Phone Numbers

Customer Service: 1-888-863-8768

From Mobile: *611

Mobile Bill Payment: *99

Asurion Insurance: 1-866-862-3397

How To Contact Metro PCS Address:

Metro by T-Mobile
PO Box 5119
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119

How To Contact Metro PCS Website for Help

How To Contact More Info. 

Metro PCS is now Metro by T-Mobile. We have the updated listing here.

Metro PCS Customer Service
Metro PCS Customer Service Phone Number


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  1. my phone was stolen 2 days ago. I went into the metro store yesterday to report it stolen. Instead of them replacing my phone immediately , I now have to wait for a new phone to be delivered, which by the way, I can nort get any accurate information on. Everything I do, in inside my phone. I can not even call my daughter, we are currently homeless, have no vehicle, not 1 dollar to my name. I have severe medical conditons, seizures being one of them. I recently fell down my stairs, and was not even able to call 911. I do not have a house phone and I was home alone. I count on my phone and am having a really hard time doing without it. Please get back to me asap and advise on when I can expect my new phone, I was told by 10:00 today, I can not locate a tracking number, nor have I yet seen and ups or a fed x truck… please advise asap.

  2. metro service number sucks as well as the my metro app they put on your phone, they never let you talk to an actual person. Its not helpful at all, save yourself the headache and go with another carrier

  3. All I wanted was a zip code for metro pcs in order for me to pay my bill online from MY BANK page. You would not believe the time I am having getting this. Right now I am on hold- 15 min. -the third number I’ve tried. These people are the laziest, ignorant, people I ahve evr dealt with. Still waiting!!!!! After this month I changr companies.

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