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  1. I would like to inform you of what we consider a potentially dangerous situation we found ourselves in on April 1 4:40 am as we were leaving our room to catch an early morning flight. I would have emailed sooner, but our cottage rental does not have Internet access. I was a few feet in front of my husband, so I pressed the elevator button. We were on the third floor, but the elevator came quickly. The door open and I moved to enter. I was frightened by a black male lying on the floor floundering around. I quickly step back and the door closed. My husband saw my frighten reaction and asked what’s up. I explained what I saw. We both had heavy luggage, so taking the stairs was not an option at this point. We waited a few moments hoping this person would leave the elevator on another floor. My husband then pressed the button and sure enough the person was still in there. My husband asked him are you okay couple times with no reply. He just stood there and stared at us. He finally left the elevator and we quickly entered and got out of there. We then realized this fellow was homeless and was sleeping in the elevator. When I checked out I mentioned this to the front desk clerk. Her reaction surprised me. She did not look or sound overly surprised. She just said I will have someone into this. This gave me the impression this has happened before. We both feel this could have been a dangerous situation. It was dark and no one else was around at this early time. We are luck this fellow was not aggressive or threatening towards us. Nowadays you never know who’s in possession of a knife or gun. This was our second stay at this location.Your lack of security at this property has us second guessing whether or not we would consider staying there again. I also don’t feel comfortable leaving my vehicle park there for several days. I hope you will take this situation as seriously as we are. I am requesting a full compensation for our stay which was a one night stay and 10 nights of parking.

  2. Disgusting, gross, unsafe, nasty, cheap, and overall just bad!!! And that’s putting it nicely. I stayed in Ecoco lodge in Santa Cruz. It was by far the worst hotel stay in my life!!!

  3. After getting a room and wanting to visit the Flight 93 memorial, I was down in the lobby for ten minutes. My check that I laid in the table along with my hairbrush was stolen. The officer had heard about their doors with prymarks. That was what I noticed immediately after leaving, a d noticing my check was missing, the check I was going to use for that vacation

  4. My stay at the Econolodge at 1151 Bulldog Drive in Allentown PA was thankfully very short. I checked in with the rest of my club members late at night and proceeded to my room. The room was a disater. It was not clean and stunk. If this were just my room I would not be complaining in as I would have felt it was just an aberration but when several of the club members had problems I knew it was a major problem. We all checked out and moved to another hotel. I for one will never stay in another Econolodge.

  5. I am staying at the econo lodge in mountain home Arkansas and I have a 2 year old. They gave us a room on the second floor and I am terrified that my child is going to fall through the railing. There has to be a code violation or something because it wouldn’t take much for her to slip through. I am keeping ahold of her at all times and don’t plan on returning to this hotel. I am afraid that someone else’s baby may fall though. We did bring this to the attention of the front desk but they didn’t seem concerned. I am very concerned about this. I’ve never seen railing spaced so far apart.

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